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Сhallenges IT companies face amid coronacrisis – survey

IT companies have faced challenges caused by the need to shift to fully remote working models

IT companies

Сhallenges IT companies face amid coronacrisis – survey. Source: has found that 54% of IT leaders had faced disruptions with their software, productivity, or collaboration tools after the shift to the remote work model.

According to the report, 70% of IT professionals had found it challenging to adapt to their new responsibilities of supporting a remote staff. The same percentage found it challenging to keep data secure as their organizations increasingly rely on the cloud.

Nevertheless, COVID-19 was significantly accelerating cloud adoption. Prior to the pandemic, UK IT professionals said 62% of their workload was in the cloud, compared with 65% globally. By 2025, UK IT leaders expect that number to grow to 79%, compared with 78% worldwide.

Only 28% of UK respondents felt very confident in their organization’s plan, compared to 37% of the American and Canadian, and 39% in Australia and New Zealand.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 36% of the 500 global IT professionals surveyed had only worked from home occasionally. As for now, 91% of IT professionals are working remotely.

Besides, 13% of remote workers said they had chosen to work remotely rather than being required to by their company.

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