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How to post items for sale in Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace

How to post items for sale in Facebook Marketplace. Source:

Facebook Marketplace helps sellers to reach thousands of people in their local community. It’s already available in 50+ countries and keeps expanding. In the process of scaling, new useful functions like shipping and checkout have appeared in selected locations.

However, since the feature is still rolling out, many Facebook users are unfamiliar with the purpose of the storefront icon.

What can you sell?

Facebook Marketplace offers a universal range of product placing. Basically, you can sell pretty much everything from stationery to houses. Before placing items for sale, though, make sure that it complies with Facebook trading rules.

  • the brand items should be authentic, no counterfeits are allowed
  • adult products (sex toys, sexual media content, etc), as well as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are prohibited
  • you can’t also sell animals, human body parts or fluids, gambling items, hazardous materials and substances, weapons, ammunition and explosives, ingestible supplements, medical and healthcare products or services
  • the items you offer for sale must not promote or imply any kind of discrimination, violence, or hatred
  • listings should not include devices that facilitate or encourage streaming digital content in an unauthorised manner or interfering with the functionality of electronic devices
  • it’s prohibited to sell real or fake documents, currency, financial instruments, and virtual currency
  • the Marketplace is aimed at selling objects, no services or job postings are allowed
  • you shouldn’t sell recalled products (those that were officially withdrawn from sale due to the safety or quality concerns related to the product)
  • you can’t list downloadable digital content, digital subscriptions, or digital accounts
  • you can sell used clothing, but it should be as clean as possible
  • if you’re selling personal hygiene items, they should be brand new and in the original, sealed packaging

How to create a listing

If FB Marketplace is available in your country, you should see the storefront icon in the left menu of your News Feed if you’re using a desktop version. The same icon is located in the middle of your app screen menu at the top of your app. Once you open the Marketplace link, click on the + sign to add a new listing. Click on Item for sale.

Add photos of the item you’re selling. Use real-life photos when you list. Pay proper attention to extra details, such as good light and a clear background. Show an item from different sides, especially possible flaws and imperfections.

Write a description with basic info about the object you’re selling. It should be honest, misleading descriptions will negatively affect your rating as a seller and you can even get banned for violating the network’s policies. Imagine you’re a buyer. What would you like to know? Anticipate which details buyers will be interested in. List them right away, so that you avoid answering tons of questions later. If you don’t simply enumerate the product’s characteristics, but write a promotional text, be careful with the wording. It shouldn’t be offensive or discriminative to any category of the population. The text should not bear any sexual connotations, or it can be rejected by moderators.

Decide on the price for the item. You can also list objects to give them away. In that case, simply enter 0 in the Price field.

Click Next. If the button is grey, make sure that you’ve entered all the information required. If you’re located in the US, you’ll have another option to Set up Shipping, if not – you only need to confirm the listing is complete. The shipping option allows you to be paid securely with checkout on Marketplace and avoid personal encounters with buyers. Moreover, this way you’ll be able to sell things to people from all over the continental United States, not just near your location.

If the shipping option is available to you and you would like to use it, you’ll need to enter your legal name, date of birth, and mailing address. Besides, you’ll need to provide your bank account details to receive the payment upon the goods delivery. When you sell something with shipping on Marketplace, you can determine who pays the shipping cost when you set up the listing. Depending on how you’ve set up your listing, shipping will either be paid for by the buyer, Facebook, or you as the seller.

When you’re done creating your listing, click Publish to finalise the public offer.

Manage your listings

The published listing can be edited later. To do that, click Your account – Your listings. Click … on the listing that you want to edit. Click Edit listing. Do the editing and click Update.

If you’ve agreed to sell the item to a buyer, but the sale isn’t final yet, you can put the listing on hold, marking it as pending in the Your listings menu. All buyers who have messaged you about the listing will get a message saying that the item is pending. New buyers will see that the sale is pending before they can message you.

Once the item is sold, you can either delete it or mark your listing as sold. If you marked a listing as sold or pending, you can change it back to available if needed. The deleted listings can’t be renewed if the deal gets reversed. You’ll need to create another listing if you want to put the item on sale again.

After you’ve marked the listing as sold:

  • It won’t be visible to anyone else on Marketplace.
  • All buyers who messaged you about the item will get a message saying that the item has been sold.
  • You’ll get a message asking whether you want to archive the conversation about the listing.

To share your feedback and help fellow Marketplace sellers, you can rate buyers you’ve interacted with when the deal is finished. If you’ve encountered fraudsters, you can block them on FB Marketplace or report a buyer to FB. Click a listing that the buyer purchased. Find your mutual message exchange, click… and choose the option Report buyer.


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