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Global payment industry leaders invest in fintech platform

Pollinate has launched a consortium of global industry leaders

Finance & Economics

Walmart revealed how much money its solution saved consumers 

Walmart will soon provide more payout methods for its customers

Fintech & Ecommerce

Tourists in China can now use Alipay

For the first, time Ant Financial makes Alipay accessible for international tourists


Facebook changes its logo: here’s how it looks now

The company says its branding update will help to distinguish the corporate parent from its apps 

Science & Technology

Premium smartphones are leading the US market

Since Q3 2017 the number of the premium tier smartphone models has almost doubled


Google buys a smartwatches producer

Google to compete with Apple on the smartwatches market


China leads Asian retail lending market

China remains the leader of Asia’s retail lending market

Finance & Economics

Canada’s grocery chain launches smart shopping carts

Sobeys is bringing a brand new technology-enhanced shopping cart to grocery stores in Canada


Amazon and eBay account for 90% of the UK marketplace spend

Study shows eBay and Amazon achievements in the UK marketplace

Finance & Economics

Alibaba expands its presence on another Asian market

The Alibaba Group affirmed the necessity of the export industry digital transformation


Top 5 most innovative bank branches worldwide

The most innovative and top-notch bank branches with stunning design from all around the globe

Finance & Economics

JCB enters new market in Eastern Europe

JCB cards to be accepted by Ukrainian PrivatBank in spring 2020

Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut for Business added new accounting service

Small business owners now will have total visibility and control over cash


Dual-currency debit card, euro business accounts: new Starling solutions

UK digital bank Starling now allows its customers to purchase directly in pounds and euros with a single debit card

Finance & Economics

Deloitte partners fintech firm to work on banking solutions

Deloitte Digital will provide its financial services experience along with Finxact’s core banking platform

Finance & Economics

Key elements of the Latin American e-commerce development named

A new study on Latin American e-commerce market potential and challenges released