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Shopify introduced three new in-store tools

The new Shopify Retail Kit helps to unify online and offline business

Shopify introduced three new in-store tools. Source:

Shopify introduced the new Retail Kit, a fully-featured hardware collection for merchants. Shopify Retail Kit connects directly to merchant’s other locations and online store in Shopify, allowing them to manage their entire business in one place. Three new in-store tools include:

  • Tap & Chip Reader. Allows accepting contactless and chip card payments, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, anywhere in the store.

Tap & Chip Reader. Source:

  • Dock. Offers the ability to power and display Tap & Chip Reader at a comfortable angle that makes payments easy for customers.

Dock. Source:

  • Retail Stand. Helps to declutter the counter and delight customers with a flip stand that simplifies checkout.

Retail Stand. Source:

The Tap & Chip Reader, Dock, and Retail Stand are now available in the US for $229.

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