Travel now, pay later: the best possible ways

There are plenty of ways to “travel now, pay later”

Travel now pay later

Travel now, pay later: the best possible ways. Source:

They say, you need to seize the moment. Live today instead of postponing the pleasures of life. The majority of people enjoy traveling, yet many of them put their trips on hold as they can’t afford it at the moment. At the same time, spending money on traveling along with other experiential purchases makes people much happier than buying material things.

Getting the money for the desired trip is not a big problem these days, even if you’re up for a last-minute booking. There are plenty of ways to “travel now, pay later”. We’ll describe the most prominent ones.

Klarna & Expedia Group

In continuation of their flexible loans and instant financing programs, a Swedish bank, Klarna, offers a new opportunity for travelers. The clients of the, and ebookers websites in different countries will be able to extend their payment term. The initial offer is available to the residents of Germany and Nordic countries via the “Pay Later” payment solution. They will be able to cover their booking expenses during the 60-day period starting from the booking date. Travelers from other countries will be able to enjoy the same payment flexibility later this year.

Travel now pay later

Klarna offers a new opportunity for travelers. Source:

Klarna’s “Slice It” program will also enable customers to make flexible installments at a low-interest rate. Clients fill in a single application form which requires only personal details without banking information. The credit decision is instant. Then the client makes a minimum payment for their booking and continues to make flexible monthly payments online or in the app until they have the whole price paid off. The partnership with the Expedia Group allows any travel dreams to come true since their products include vacation packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, rail, cruises, activities, attractions, and services. Minimal initial savings will enable the whole trip to be organized right from the start.


Borrowing money is a standard way to embark on a trip when you’re on the rocks. Both traditional banks and online fintech disruptors have their credit lines for every taste. An average annual percentage rate (APR) on short-term consumer credits is 5,62% in the Euro area, while long-term loans (over 5 years) cost around 6,09% APR. Digital banks offer various tempting credit card solutions like 0% on purchases for 17 months from First Direct or €27 per year from Hello Bank.

The usual requirements for an applicant are to be over 18 years old and reside in the country or area of the bank’s operation. The documents needed as a rule include a valid photo ID, various financial and status proofs (e.g. recent household utility bills, bank statements, insurance documents, employment or immigration confirmation, etc.). Applications are mostly accepted both in-branch and online. Some digital banks do not require financial documents from credit card applicants. If you’re already a bank client, check if your financial institution offers instant funding or pre-approved personal loans to the holders of current accounts.

Travel now pay later

Borrowing money is a standard way to embark on a trip when you’re on the rocks. Source:

If you want to take out a credit or a loan in another EU country, be aware that banks may be reluctant to lend to residents of countries other than the one the bank is based in, or even to lend to residents of the same country working in another EU country. Banks are free to set these kinds of limits to their lending.

Non-bank lending is showing a rapid growth rate in the European financial sector. While subprime and payday lending practices are still mostly treated as predatory, dangerous, and toxic, there are healthy financing alternatives that don’t come from the banks. Travel agents may charge you an additional service fee, but they also often offer the payment plan contrary to the preferred online booking platforms where you have to pay right away or at least at the time of arrival. For instance, Fair Way Travels & Tours Agency in UAE has a zero-interest payment plan with 6 monthly installments. Indian Cox & Kings Ltd. cooperates with DigiLend to supply customers with easy travel loans where the payment tenure ranges from 6 to 18 months. Similar offers exist in most countries of the world.

Other payment solutions

Many payment plans are dedicated specifically to travel purposes. Perhaps, the most widespread one is Fly Now Pay Later. You can see the relevant button on partner websites. Using it at the checkout allows you to divide the payment sum into a few monthly installments (1-12 months). The instant credit decision is taken by smart machine algorithms. The firm pays the partnering travel resource right away and then the client pays back.

Travel now pay later

Many payment plans are dedicated specifically to travel purposes. Source:

Pay Later Travel offers weekly or fortnightly installments for up to 26 weeks. The clients can pay for flights and also enjoy the advantages of hot temporary deals a bit later by making a 10-15% deposit.

OneTravel also has a flexible financing system. It’s available at partnering sites via the Affirm payment method. Their rates range from 10–30% APR. The payment term can be extended up to 12 months. The service is aimed at US residents only.

Virgin Holidays helps its clients to break their balance down to a few monthly payments with their direct debit program.

Airfordable allows paying for their tickets in installments. Customers submit a screenshot of an itinerary along with the trip details and then Airfordable presents a payment plan. You can book your flight for a fraction of the cost upfront and pay the remaining balance in installments before your departure date.

FOMO Travel has a special crowdfunding option for their interest-free installment plans. It lets users invite friends and family to contribute to their monthly payments, thus, jointly financing their vacation. The company offers both ready-made travel packages and personalized travel plans.


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