Top 3 Shows for Hardcore Gamers

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Top 3 Shows for Hardcore Gamers

Windstream’s Internet Plans 

If you’re a casual Wi-Fi user, one of Windstream’s more standard plans (starting from 100 Mbps) would suit you, but if you are someone who enjoys an intense gaming session or loves to binge shows, then we’d recommend any one of the GIG tiers, as mentioned below.

Kinetic Internet Basic 100 Mbps This plan costs $39.99 a month and it’s an ideal option for families with up to 5 devices.
Kinetic Fiber 500 500 Mbps This plan costs $39.99 a month and this is great for mid-sized families who have heavy usage on all their devices.
Kinetic Fiber 1 GIG 1 Gbps This plan comes up to $69.99 a month and it is the ideal choice for ultra-connected homes that like to surf, stream, work, and game hard.
Kinetic Fiber 2 GIG 2 Gbps (Blazing-fast multi-gig speeds delivered with over 99% reliability rate!) For this plan, you’ll need to contact Windstream’s customer support to inquire about the prices in your area.
Kinetic Fiber 8 GIG 8 Gbps(Blazing-fast multi-gig speeds delivered with over 99% reliability rate!) For this plan, you’ll need to contact Windstream’s customer support to inquire about the prices in your area.

As you can see, there are various offerings by Windstream so that you can select the best plan for you in terms of necessity and affordability. This ISP is also quite popular among content creators, hardcore gamers, and binge-watchers since it offers a smooth experience without any lags. If you’re someone who fits that description, we have some show recommendations that you might enjoy, especially if you’re a gamer!

  1. The Last of Us 

Even if you haven’t played this game, it is impossible that you haven’t at least about it, especially since the show came out in 2023 and became one of the most-watched shows! The series follows Joel and Ellie, two people brought together by dire circumstances, in a hostile, post-pandemic world infested with zombies!

All zombie shows are entertaining, no doubt, but The Last of Us brings with it multiple unique twists, while also remaining faithful to the original content of the game and further improving on it – this is one of the biggest reasons why the show is so popular and beloved!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, take this as a sign to binge it immediately, so that you can join the waiting bandwagon for the show’s second season.

  1. Arcane 

Arcane is an animated series that is set in and inspired by the League of Legends game, and ever since this Netflix show’s launch, it has taken everyone by storm!

A steampunk action-adventure series that follows the story of 2 sisters, Vi and Powder, Arcane explores many universal themes like class divides, familial ties, and varying political beliefs. In a world where Piltover’s upper-class citizens experience the finest of things, the oppressed reside within the underground of Zaun.

With the situation already tense, the two sisters find themselves on the opposite sides, through a tragic chain of events.

League of Legends itself is such a classic game, one that most gamers have already played, but this show goes above and beyond to give its characters unique backstories to help you understand their complexities. This is truly a memorable show, so we’d urge you to watch its first season before the next one arrives!

  1. The Witcher 

While technically The Witcher is based on a series of novels, which eventually turned into a trilogy of video games, and then turned into the famous TV show!

The show, as most fans have claimed, is excellent. It follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, who is a solitary monster hunter, as he struggles to find his own place in a cruel world. He learns that often people prove to be more wicked than beasts.

This fantasy epic stars Henry Cavill, a fan favorite, and despite its dark premise, the show is surprisingly fun to watch as well!

In Conclusion

While Windstream is only available in 18 states, the ISP is actively working on expanding its services across the country. If you’d like to learn about its availability in your state, be sure to reach out to its 24/7 customer support team!