Deutsche Bank to develop multi-bank services through new partnership

They aim to focus on new products and services

Deutsche Bank fraud

Deutsche Bank to develop multi-bank services through new partnership. Source:

Deutsche Bank and Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) have announced they are entering a strategic partnership to develop and distribute multi-bank services for Treasury & Finance.

According to information, the first area of cooperation is a payment fraud prevention solution combining TIS’ cloud platform with the expertise of Deutsche Bank in fraud prevention.

Payment fraud is a major issue for CFOs and finance departments, the report states. Both parties see increasing demand from clients for effective solutions that are easy to use and can be deployed rapidly.

The software service will extend beyond the payment data of individual customers, leveraging the knowledge of all corporates using the service, while the shared data remains anonymized.

The solution will help improve the detection of potential fraud before the payment instruction even leaves a client’s system.

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