Digital business banking explained: Monzo

Monzo Bank Ltd is a digital, mobile-only bank, based and operating in the UK


Digital business banking explained: Monzo. Source:

Every business, whether big or small, needs a separate bank account. It’s essential for daily operations such as paying suppliers and logistics partners, accepting customer payments, taking out business loans, managing payroll, or paying taxes.

Choosing the best bank is not easy. Especially, since traditional institutions get serious competition from digital banks. The more services are available online, the more time and effort businesspeople can save.

Our series of articles will highlight alternative business accounts from the most popular digital banks to help you make your informed decision.

The first bank on our list is Monzo.

To begin with, if you need an account immediately, it’s not an option for you. The company doesn’t currently open new business accounts, though you can join the waiting list if you like their offers.

Monzo business account features


The first bank on our list is Monzo. Source:

  • Joint management. You can give a selected circle of responsible employees access to your business account. Those may include CEOs or accountants. The accounts have customizable controls and simple approval management.
  • Connected tools. You can link Xero and FreeAgent (online accounting software) direct to the Monzo app.
  • Money division. The Pots function allows you to allocate account funds according to their purpose: taxes, office bills, etc.
  • Contactless Mastercard debit cards. You’ll receive multiple cards for your designated employees with Apple Pay and Google Pay connectivity.
  • Instant bank transfers and direct debits. Money transfers are managed through the app. Transactions are completed within seconds.
  • Notifications and support. You’ll get instant notifications about all incoming and outgoing transactions. 24/7 customer support is provided over chat, email or phone.
  • Quick sign-up. You’ll be able to sign up in a few minutes after providing some basic details about your business online. No paperwork is necessary.

Announced updates

Though features are quite basic at the time, 2019 is supposed to bring many anticipated conveniences such as:

  • Tax automation. Annual taxes will be set aside and transferred to HMRC automatically on a regular basis.
  • International payments. Cross-border transactions will be enabled.
  • Batch payments. You’ll be able to apply payments to multiple invoices in one transaction.
  • Organised expenses. You’ll be able to categorize your business spending, sort it, and move between accounts.
  • Link for an invoice. will help you get paid by simply sharing a link.
  • Loans. Monzo is not offering business loans at the moment, so they’re working with Funding Xchange, who’ll connect you with multiple lenders ready to help you meet your business’ goals.

The bank cherishes transparency and customer feedback. Therefore, you can find the list of new functions they’re working on using this link. If you’re interested in the product, don’t lose your chance to vote or comment on the offered features. Create your perfect business account together with Monzo.



The services are currently offered only to the UK residents over 16. Source:

The services are currently offered only to the UK residents over 16.

Monzo app works on either iOS or Android. Apple Pay and Google Pay are fully supported by the bank.


As of now, there’s no official information on the rates applicable to business entities owning Monzo’s accounts. The Times reported that Monzo will allegedly charge a small fee for its business accounts, and it seems true as free business banking doesn’t really exist in the UK.

However, it is possible that other terms will be similar to those of their personal accounts:

  • Zero sign-up and monthly fees.
  • Free payments in the UK, cash withdrawals in the UK and payments abroad.
  • Free cash withdrawal abroad up to £200/month.
  • 3% fee on cash withdrawals abroad in amounts over £200/month.
  • All transactions in a foreign currency are made at the current day’s Mastercard exchange rate.

There’s no official information on the rates applicable to business entities owning Monzo’s accounts. Source:

About the Bank

Monzo Bank Ltd is a digital, mobile-only bank, based and operating in the UK. In April 2017 their UK banking license restrictions were lifted, enabling them to offer full UK current accounts (users can receive salaries, make direct debit payments and bank transfers, open overdrafts) in addition to already existing prepaid debit cards. As a result, prepaid debit cards were substituted by contactless Mastercards in 2018. The bank has about 2 million customers.

The institution is fully authorized in the UK by Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the PRA. Client assets are fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), meaning that all your money up to £85,000 is guaranteed by the British Government.

In February 2019 it started the trial of the first 100 business accounts, more enrollments are expected by the end of the year. On 24 June 2019, the company announced that they’re slowly starting to offer more business accounts to people on their waiting list which approximately comprises 15,000 business owners. If you’re already on this list, wait for a notification in your Monzo app. If you haven’t got a Monzo personal account, you’ll receive an email instead.

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