N26 introduced CASH26 feature in Greece

The bank’s customers in Greece are now able to deposit and withdraw from grocery stores, directly from the supermarket checkouts

N26 Greece

N26 introduced CASH26 feature in Greece. Source: facebook.com

N26 has announced the rollout of CASH26 in Greece thus allowing its customers to use 110 partner Bazaar stores as ATMs for cash withdrawal and deposit.

The service was implemented for the first time in Greece as a result of N26’s partnership with viafintech.

According to the report, cash continues to be the most popular means of payment in Greece. For instance, 75% of point-of-sale transactions by value taking place in cash.

For N26 customers, it is sufficient to use the mobile app, through which they can find the closest partner store on the map. Afterward, the user can generate their own barcode, choosing the deposit or withdrawal option. Once the code has been obtained, the store checkout staff will scan it, and then carry out the withdrawal or deposit operation of the requested amount.

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