Santander UK launches unique service for homeowners

The new mobile service from Santander UK gives an overview of your estimated property value, mortgage balance, energy performance and home maintenance

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Santander UK launches unique service for homeowners. Source:

Santander UK has launched a new Home Manager in its mobile app designed to assist mortgage customers with various aspects of managing their home. The service helps users get more from their homes, save money and get inspiration.

Home Manager features include a dashboard with a three-monthly update on the current valuation of the house. It gives recommendations on how to improve their energy rating, along with estimated costs and funding options for improvements.

Users will be able to compare services from local tradespeople for home maintenance and repair jobs, book a job and track its progress. Moreover, homeowners can estimate various digital services deals and switch to a new provider for the broadband and mobile phone services. 

Finally, the app provides inspirational ideas on home furnishing, as well as exclusive offers from furniture retailers to Santander customers. 

The bank is considering additional features in the future. These include a home expenses manager, home selling guide, moving services, solar panel and EV charger installation etc. 

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