Tinkoff introduced international transfers via phone number

At the moment, Tinkoff clients can make transfers to 10 banks in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan


Tinkoff introduced international transfers via phone number. Source: shutterstock.com

Tinkoff has introduced a new service allowing clients of foreign banks to make transfers using their phone numbers.

In fact, international transfers by phone number can be made through the Tinkoff mobile app or within a customer’s personal account on the bank’s website.

Customers must select the prefix of the destination country in the phone number field. Then, they need to enter the relevant phone number or select it from among their contacts, choose the transfer recipient’s bank, enter the amount and click «Transfer». The money will then be credited to the recipient’s account instantly.

Besides, customers will be notified in advance about how much money they are transferring and how much money the recipient will receive.
Transfers are capped at RUB 150,000. Up to 20 transfers totaling no more than $5,000 equivalent are allowed per day, and up to RUB 1.5 million per month.

International transfers are included in the free transfer limits available to Tinkoff customers. The limit amount depends on the customer’s plan. For instance, Tinkoff Black card holders can make free international transfers of up to RUB 20,000. Above this limit, transfers will be charged at a rate of 1%.

Today, the fastest and easiest way to transfer money is by phone number, as this method does not require any bank details. Tinkoff customers can now make transfers from Russia to 10 banks in 3 CIS countries. We are committed to expanding this service further in the future to connect people all over the world and ensure that transfers become even more convenient
Sergey Khromov, Vice President, Head of Payments and Transfers

The bank also plans to launch reverse transfers from the CIS to Russia and enable transfers between customers of foreign banks that are part of Tinkoff’s network.

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