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Dogecoin becomes available on major exchanges as its price goes up

Dogecoin is based on popular Internet meme from 2013

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Crypto exchange volumes are facing a 36% drop: report

Crypto exchange volumes significantly dropped in June


Here’s how many UK adults currently hold cryptocurrency

Half of UK adults hold less than £260


One of Asian central banks starts developing blockchain platform

The development is forecasted to be finished in 6 or 9 months

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Sensible tips to start investing in cryptocurrencies

There are now thousands of different digital currencies, each with their own range of uses and chances of success

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Money launderers are likely to benefit from US Bitcoin ATMs

The company has conducted a review of all US-based Bitcoin ATM (BATM) interactions


Kyber Network: how it’s different from other crypto projects

What do you know аbоut thе on-сhаin liquiditу рrоtocol? Let’s learn more with Kyber Network


Mastercard enters into agreement with US-based crypto exchange

The crypto exchange will accept Mastercard payments from 36 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East


Coinbase announces toolkit for blockchain integration

Coinbase initially developed Rosetta as the middleware to integrate blockchains into its platform


Impacts of artificial intelligence on crypto industry

Amanda Jerelyn Business Manager at Crowd Writer   In the past few years, the crypto industry is attracting much more attention of the individuals and organizations due to their staggering performance and the speedy growth. Cryptocurrency is no doubt fascinating to many people due to its ability to generate quick wealth by using prompt price […]

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Bitfury rolls out digital currency fund in Japan

This fund brings digital currency investments to Japanese investors at a critical time


Consumers can now buy Coke with Bitcoin

People will have to touch the vending machine only once to take their purchase


Libra cryptocurrency getting ready to launch

Jack Davis Writer of ISF Dgital   After years of planning, evaluating options and signing agreements with influential companies from the finance industry, Facebook is ready to move on to the final stage before the launch of Libra. Following steps similar to those taken for Ethereum or Bitcoin, Facebook developers used blockchain technology to turn […]


Samsung Blockchain Wallet integrates with crypto exchange

Gemini is the first American crypto exchange that partners with Samsung


One of Asian central banks banned digital currency

Those who break the rule will be punished

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Сoinbase acquires crypto trading company

The company prepared the base for the next wave of crypto investors

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