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How to minimize banking fees for your business

Michael Deane Writer   Having a business bank account (or accounts) is a lot costlier than maintaining a private account. Charges can accumulate easily as businesses often incur many additional fees unwittingly. The amounts you pay the bank in fees can depend on many different things, ranging from the bank policies to overdrafts and the […]


The biggest online sports betting innovations of the last decade

Deisy Arenas Writer   People have been betting on sports for decades, if not centuries, but it has never been as universally popular as it is today. A lot of that is down to technology such as the internet which has allowed for the development of the online betting industry. There are hundreds, if not […]


4 types of digital marketing that can benefit your businessma

Shaheryar Sadiq Writer   Running a business is not as easy as one thinks. There are a lot of things to consider as your entire success is on your shoulders. To ensure a business’s success, people invest in a lot of strategies to make sure that their products and services will be in demand among […]

Science & Technology

How to use plug-ins and third-party services against data theft

Dan Martin Editor   Third-party applications and plug-ins perform specialized and critical functions in data protection. They help internet users to log in to various websites securely. You can also use them to store usernames, passwords, and other sensitive credentials belonging to different online accounts. In short, they make manual tasks that could be tedious […]

Finance & Economics

How to start a music business online?

Dan Martin Editor   The demand for online music courses is rising daily, and it is a worthwhile business idea. Teaching about music is the best way to start an online business in the music industry. The expert guidance and significant insights shared in this article will be critical for every beginner. Working in the […]


Effective virtual team managing skills — paramount for startup business

Dan Martin Editor   Leading teams to achieve their goals is what team management is all about. It can then be different for businesses that employ remote workers and those who have co-located teams. The latter can inspire their team members easily because they see each other at the workplace every day. However, leading a […]


How chatbots can improve visitors’ experience on banking sites

Dan Martin Editor   The benefits of using chatbots on banking sites and how you can build a chatbot. Banking has never been the same, thanks to online banking. Online banking removed the hassle of going to the bank to do personal transactions. This has turned hours of waiting in line into a few minutes […]

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7 tactics to successfully develop a cryptocurrency marketing campaign

Jessica Fender Copywriter and blogger   The cryptocurrency market is growing stronger and becoming more popular by the day. When it first appeared, cryptocurrency was a mystery that not many people understood or dared to use. But today, we have more people, companies, and businesses dealing with cryptocurrency, different coins, and the possibilities they offer. […]

Finance & Economics

7 best startup business ideas you can try in 2021

Daniel Martin Head of Customer Success   Articulating a brilliant idea can be a daunting task for any aspiring entrepreneur. When starting, you’re skeptical about ideas that have gained popularity recently. But then, such ideas usually yield incredible success if well planned and executed. In this article, we look to inspire and help you settle […]


What is RPA in finance and why it’s beneficial for the industry?

Vitaly Kuprenko Writer   Financial processes have always been zero-tolerant of mistakes. An endless stream of documents requires industry workers to be as attentive and stress-resistant as possible. It is quite difficult for employers to find such qualities in candidates, but in such cases, technologies come to the rescue. Today we will look at what […]

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Top 5 mistakes when you start trading

Ellen Royce Finance and economics expert   Lоts of traders can make steady profits. And the main reason for their success is not making the common beginner mistakes. Being aware of the possible pitfalls is the first step in getting better. So if you’re just starting your trading career, check out our top five trading […]


5 privacy considerations to handle customer data in your e-commerce

Priya Jain Writer   In today’s digital economy, handling customer data safely and securely is what drives an e-commerce wagon. Do you think that privacy consideration is the headache of only e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart? If so, think again! In 2014, eBay asked a whopping 145 million users to change their password after […]

Finance & Economics

5 critical financial moves during the pandemic

Timothy Sneed Writer   As the pandemic continues to sweep across every continent, it is no longer just a health emergency, but a financial one as well. Millions of jobs have been lost as countries close their borders and non-essential sectors of their economies to slow the spread of COVID-19. People worldwide have been feeling […]


5 things businesses can implement to make working environment more Covid secure

Chloe Marchbank Freelance writer   Adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic is something everyone has had to cope with. Whether you’re an adult or a child, work in an office or from home, everyone has had to alter their ways of life, and businesses have had to adapt too. We’re going to take a look at […]


Finding the best prices online in 2021

Matthew Stern Technology content strategist Introduction Online shopping is booming. Many are taking advantage of the convenience online shopping provides because of the pandemic, and many will continue using online shopping services far after. But there are a few things you should know about online shopping before you dive in. 5 Tips to Use in […]


Has COVID-19 ignited a desire for QR codes?

 Nick Raper Head of Nuapay, UK   New digital payment methods are increasing in popularity the world over, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. Restrictions to visiting physical stores due to COVID-19, and consumers’ concerns around virus transmission from coins and notes, explain this shift away from traditional payments and have led to […]