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Crypto is everywhere, but should you invest?

Umer Ali Writer   There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, and the majority of them are worthless. Most cryptocurrencies offer a good story but nothing more than providing an adequate level but no product. Please don’t get fooled by those we don’t want to see that you are losing your money. There’s a technical term for […]


How to improve collaboration when working remotely

Dan Martin Editor   Collaboration is often crucial for a business’s success, especially if its employees are working remotely. For one, it builds trust between workers and upper management, reducing general stress levels within your team. Secondly, it helps in generating innovative ideas that can help grow your business. By bringing together team members from […]


5 common mistakes to avoid when playing roulette

Roulette is a gambling game found in casinos. The word roulette is actually a French word meaning “little wheel”. The game involves a revolving wheel, a numbered compartment which is in black and red colors, and a small ball. A ball is dropped on the numbered revolving black and red compartment and as a player, […]


9 tips to present budget plans to investors

Dan Martin Writer   Making a presentation to investors can be a daunting task. Whatever you say can make or break your business. Presenting your budget and plan requires a careful thought process. You must convince them of the viability of the project. Investors must buy into your idea so that they open up their […]

Science & Technology

Why your Android smartphone is hot and how to cool it down

Susanna Balashova Marketing manager, story writer   Smartphone overheating is typical, especially after making a long call. On severe occasions, the phone will not function until you either restart it or allow it to cool down. Many factors can get your phone hot, as you know. Here, we will look at the most common reasons […]

Finance & Economics

10 important questions while employing your first freelancer

Susanna Balashova Marketing manager, story writer   Market trends have shown that more companies both small and big are recruiting freelancers to help with growth and other needs of the business. You need to keep in mind that working with a freelancer is quite different from hiring someone in-house due to the nature of the […]


4 essentials for your new business you can’t go without

Chloe Marchbank Freelance writer   So you’ve set up a new business, this is an exciting time – and we understand that it could be a little nerve-wracking. But don’t worry; if you have been wondering what some of the essentials are that your new business needs then you have come to the right place. […]


How to kickstart your home business for a successful first year

Chloe Marchbank Freelance writer   Starting a new business is one of the most exciting opportunities in the world of work. Whether you’re going solo with a part-time venture or hiring a team to help you full time, it’s important to make some preparations before you start working away. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than […]

Finance & Economics

How does the US tax system stack up against the UK?

Chloe Marchbank Freelance writer   One thing most countries all have in common is that their residents are required to pay some form of tax. How much they pay – and what for – tends to differ, however, and each country’s tax system is very different from the next. We might speak the same language […]

Finance & Economics

Tips to handle a team of remote workers

Manav Bansal Content writer   Because of the coronavirus induced lockdown, remote working has become very common in different sectors across the world. However, the trend was in place before coronavirus as well. But post COVID-19 outbreak, it has sky-rocketed. Not just a trend, but it has become a need of the hour. Even if […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

COVID-19 challenges: digitizing the non-profit sector

Elena Vasina Public Relations Specialist at Red Line Foundation and Public Relations Manager at Bredley Holding   The digitalization trend has captured all areas of life. Two-thirds of the world’s population use the Internet and almost half are registered on social networks today. Virtual space is increasingly becoming a field of social interaction. Therefore, the […]

Finance & Economics

How will crowd marketing change in 2021?

Joshua Sharp Writer   Some things in business never change, but marketing isn’t one of them. Each new year brings along, if not disruption, then a series of trends and effective practices promising to generate more leads, raise brand awareness, and boost sales numbers for companies of all types and sizes. As time goes by, some […]


The effects of playing music in banks and other financial institutions

Dan Martin Editor   Background music is one of those elements of marketing that is highly underrated and often unnoticed. Its effects, however, can have a huge impact on both your employees and your customers. This is because music can have a powerful effect on the mood and emotional state of those who listen to […]


Does your client pay you?

Susanna Balashova Marketing manager, story writer   Whether you run a small business or are working as an independent freelancer, being extra careful when it comes to planning your budget is paramount. It’s not easy to tackle your budget if you don’t receive work in steady intervals, but it’s certainly even more frustrating if any of […]


How to improve sales for a small business by improving SEO

Leon Collier Freelance Writer   Did you know that all types of businesses can significantly improve their sales by carrying out efficient SEO practices? Optimizing your website for search engines can be done with the goal of increasing sales instead of merely gaining more traffic. When you set up your SEO strategy with startup SEO services […]

Science & Technology

Hiring in the digital age: 5 modern recruitment trends to adopt

Michael Deane Editor-in-Chief at Queedle   Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Corny or not, this well-known saying isn’t a myth, especially if we bear in mind that the costs of replacing an employee can reach as much as 60% of their annual salary. That’s why finding the right people for the job is […]