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Number of forcibly deported to Russia Ukrainians may now reach 40,000

Ukraine is doing everything to save its citizens and bring them back home


‘Russian troops are deliberately shooting civilians in Chernihiv’, says Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko

These shellings are completely chaotic and aimed at intimidating people even more


¿Por qué Rusia invadió Ucrania?

La invasión rusa a Ucrania no solo ha desestabilizado la región, sino que también ha afectado a la economía mundial incrementando la inflación, los precios del petróleo y los del gas. Además, existe la preocupación a nivel global de que la invasión rusa pueda provocar un choque de potencias nucleares. El intento de Vladimir Putin […]


Genome waives fees for Ukrainians

Genome, an Electronic Money Institution licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of Lithuania, waives its fees for Ukrainian citizens in order to help them open EUR accounts. This means that Ukrainians will no longer have today an opening fee and all transfers will have a temporary 6-month discount period. For more details, Genome created […]

Finance & Economics

“In the 21st century, wars will be won by technology, not tanks”: the expert said what could save Ukraine’s GDP

During the war, the IT industry remains one of the few industries capable of supporting Ukraine’s economy with foreign exchange earnings. Thus, in a “positive scenario”, IMF experts in 2022 predict a decline in Ukraine’s GDP by 10% over the previous year and a decrease in production by 25-30% due to the shutdown of key […]


Do not hesitate to block Russian websites – Play For Ukraine

While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are bravely fighting against the Russian occupants, the Internet army can make its contribution with the help of a simple game

Finance & Economics

Most used payment options in Spain unveiled

The poll includes opinions of over 400 companies and 1 thousand consumers from Spain last month


Brits are now facing more identity checks when shopping online

British online shoppers face more identity checks from now on, according to Ecommerce News. By subjecting consumers to a two-factor authentications the government wants to reduce fraud. More card payments will probably be declined. It is the biggest change to card payments in 16 years. According to the Guardian, in 2021, Britain lost 376 million […]


Akurateco has reached a level of 150 connectors all over the world!

The Netherlands-based white-label payment software provider Akurateco has announced an updated number of connectors now available to platform users. For the last 12 months, Akurateco integrated 60 connectors upon clients’ requests. In total, the system now supports integration to 150+ connectors operating worldwide that are available to all clients of the system. Akurateco also set […]


How to financially support Ukraine’s Armed Forces in a war with Russia?

NBU Governor Kyrylo Shevchenko announced the opening of this special account in his 24 February video address. The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account to raise funds for the Ukrainian Army. Anyone from any country can donate! For UAH remittances: Bank: National Bank of Ukraine MFO 300001 Account No. UA843000010000000047330992708 EDRPOU Code […]

Finance & Economics

Average contactless payment increases by nearly 30% since new £100 limit was introduced

According to December 2021 card spending data from UK Finance, the average amount spent per contactless card transaction rose by almost 30% following the contactless spending limit increasing from £45 to £100 in October last year. In September, prior to the contactless limit increase, the average spend per contactless payment was £11.86, which increased to […]

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MoneyLIVE Summit 2022: returns in-person this March

MarketforceLive is delighted to announce the return of MoneyLIVE Summit 2022, taking place on 28-29 March at the QEII Centre, London. MoneyLIVE Summit is without a doubt the most senior banking and payments event on the market making it the ultimate destination for those passionate about transforming the industry. The summit is where collaboration is celebrated, views are […]


H&M trials new marketplace model

H&M has started trials of its new marketplace model in Germany and Sweden, as per Ecommerce News. This means that online shoppers can now find items from third-party brands in the section of the website called ‘H&M with Friends’. If successful, the model will be extended to other markets. A month ago, H&M released its […]

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Here’s how many Dutch consumers prefer m-commerce

E-commerce is booming, which has caused the popularity of m-commerce


Update: Sanctions for Russia from the business world

Alisa Adamska Author       During the last three weeks following Russia’s military invasion on Ukraine’s territories, Russia has become the most sanctioned country in the world. More than 250 companies have already left or announced their exit from Russia’s market. Since February 22nd, Russia has been the target of 2,778 new sanctions, bringing […]


PayPal is now available in Ukraine

Following the shutdown of its operations in Russia, PayPal has entered Ukraine. Mykhailo Fedorov, a Deputy Prime Minister of Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine revealed this announcement in his tweet. Welcome to Ukraine! @PayPal, @Dan_Schulman, thank you for supporting Ukraine and peace! — Mykhailo Fedorov (@FedorovMykhailo) March 17, 2022 This will allow Ukrainian […]