How to invest in crypto tech royalties

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Crypto Technologies are quite popular today, which is associated with the expansion of opportunities in many industries. They are involved in many processes, as well as in economic and ecological systems. Today we will talk about how to invest in licensed crypto technologies.

We will analyze in detail some points from the world of cryptocurrency and give you some tips on how to protect yourself and your money.

crypto royalties

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What is royalty in cryptocurrency?

Royalty in cryptocurrency is the same as royalties in any other industry. The most famous of them, by the way, is musical. Dividends, various rewards, capital gains, interest, NFTs, cryptocurrency stakes are all that you can receive in the form of rewards when I own an asset.

Modern solution

Royalty in cryptocurrency today is a completely digital transfer for buying and selling. Many highly valued and valuable private and public companies have already announced that they are moving to a new transfer method, the cryptocurrency process. And this means that there will be no central state control in this process, and third-party converters simply will not be required.

We have selected options thanks to which you can earn royalties in cryptocurrency:

  • Lending your cryptocurrencies, growing crops
  • Your personal NFTs. They pay fees and royalties
  • Also your personal cryptocurrencies, they also pay a reward for their storage. It does this through bets.
  • Your personal shares of companies. They are able to develop and invest in blockchain.

Let’s take a closer look at the processes.


We can say that this is the same as royalties for technology. You are rewarded because you hold the asset. This option is one of the ways to receive royalties from holding crypto assets.

The process by which some cryptocurrency coins are locked in a wallet or on an exchange (this is done in order to receive a reward that is very similar to interest) is called cryptocurrency staking. Proof of Stake is a consensus mechanism where a bet is made as part of it. It helps to ensure the security and verification of all transactions that occur without the participation of a bank or payment system.

This process is similar to crypto mining, only in this case a slightly different course of action. You should buy a cryptocurrency coin and just get rewarded for being part of the network. And all this instead of spending a lot of money on buying expensive specialized mining rigs or video cards that will be needed to solve difficult mathematical problems.

Many consider staking to be much better for the environment, all because less electricity is needed to operate the network, which means less harm to the environment will be caused. Staking is a more advanced method of verifying transactions. Just buy a cryptocurrency coin that will allow you to stake, and then put it in the staking pool.

Does the value of cryptocurrency depend on the economy in the country? Answer: fortunately or unfortunately, but yes. The volatility of both conventional money and crypto money may depend on the situation in the country. The course can be affected by crises, hostilities and other large-scale situations. Both external and internal factors of the country can change their value, but still, cryptocurrencies are now considered more stable than government money.


A technology that guarantees secure data storage thanks to its encoding system. The blockchain is designed in such a way that in the system in which the data is located, it is impossible to change or block this data without anyone’s knowledge. Also, this network is not accessible to the authorities. This technology is useful for centralized systems that need to exchange data that require special security. For example, hospitals, whose system contains data about their patients, and can exchange them with other hospitals, if necessary.

Blockchain is now used in the following areas: certification of documents, cryptocurrencies, project management, dispute resolution, tokenization of assets, property rights (this is the process of creating tokens in the blockchain to express a share in a project, for example, apartments, houses, and so on). For example, Uber applications use the blockchain. And everything happens like this: the system receives a request for a car from the client, and then sends it to the driver who is closest to the given point. Then there is payment. There is no parent company behind the scheme, which means that the driver does not have to pay any percentage to it. Hence it turns out that the driver gets more, and the trip itself for the client becomes cheaper each time.

How to invest in cryptocurrency royalties?

Step 1: Buying Cryptocurrency

If you don’t buy cryptocurrency, how do you invest in it? To buy cryptocurrency, you first need to create an account on the desired crypto site. Next, you need to fill out the “Coin” or an online form. This is for you to create your account with the required information. It’s not difficult at all. Then you just need to replenish your account – this will make it suitable for buying cryptocurrency. The digitization of cryptocurrency today allows us to call the purchase process safe and adequately reliable. Next, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency markets, as well as trends and innovations. You can see the latest news on ICOholder.

In general, it is advisable to follow the “trends” of the cryptocurrency as often as possible in order to increase your income. We’ll talk more about this a little later.

Develop more in this area: watch YouTube, read articles and view statistics. By the way, you can get even more profit in less time. How to do it? Sometimes it’s enough just to keep an eye on new companies in the market. As a rule, they try to make the company bigger with all their efforts in a shorter period of time in order to become more famous and in demand. This gives the investor the opportunity to easily get more income in a short time with less investment.

Familiarize yourself with the companies and their categories. Would you like to add on your own that companies with online platforms are now more popular because there is now a lot of emphasis on online promotion and technology. This means that people are more inclined towards a modern, convenient option, such as the Internet. This obviously saves time and effort. It is worth remembering that progress does not stand still and it is worth following it.

Step 2: How to invest?

How much money to invest? First, it is worth calculating an amount that you will not be sorry to lose. Do not invest big money and do not expect lightning-fast results. In any case, you need patience and perseverance. You will have to wait a while to understand that now you can invest more and this will bring more money and less losses. Analyze the news on the market and die out the right cryptocurrencies that do not ruin you instantly. Think of the advice about little-known and new companies. You can also earn by investing in governance tokens. The very income that will come to you from the process of exchanging governance tokens can be used to participate in the company’s projects. With the time interval you need, you can broadcast income for your needs.

Step 3: Last step

As you use your cryptocurrency intensively, your digital “wallet” will grow. This can happen through investments, various purchases and other things with the help of this very cryptocurrency. You manage all your digital transactions in your wallet. At first, this process may seem a little intimidating, dangerous. Many beginners check the cryptocurrency rate every 10 minutes and literally panic when it changes dramatically over several days. In fact, this is normal. Even relatively stable cryptocurrencies will change a little over the course of time. A little advice – spend less nerves on such a check, because you can’t buy health for any money later.

If you have mastered the basics of investing in royalties from crypto technologies, now is the time to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Before you can be convinced that cryptocurrency can be an effective option, you need to explore brokerage options and strategies for trading cryptocurrencies. Always maintain a diverse portfolio of investments. While royalties from crypto can be lucrative, not all of your funds need to be dedicated to them.

Top 3 Technology Fees in Cryptocurrency

Each of the following three options differs in how much you are willing to risk and invest. As we said earlier, it is important not to lose all the money after you have invested, that is, the main thing is profit.

  • Cardano (ADA). A solid roadmap for future developments. It is based on rigorous academic research and testing. This service offers 5% – 7% for staking, Cardano ownership
  • Ethereum (ETH). One of the leading platforms that allows you to get 4% -7% of royalties. Ethereum 2.0 aims to bring a number of different updates at the moment. You can also earn royalties by owning NFTs on the Ethereum network, as there is a very huge market for NFTs on the Ethereum network itself. It can be seen in the markets, Rarible Opensea.
  • Avalanche (AVAX). This option is focused on crypto games that are quite relevant now. It offers you a staking reward which is 9%.

Technology Royalties Crypto Promotions

One way to gain access to the cryptocurrency market is to invest in crypto stocks with royalties. If the company is doing well, effectively, you will receive royalties either from capital gains in this company, or from dividends, if they are paid.

Here are a few leading stocks in the crypto space:

  • MicroStrategy. The company is run by Michael Saylor. Despite the fact that they are engaged in software, they have chosen a treasury strategy. This is how they invest their cash reserves in bitcoins.
  • Galaxy Digital Holdings. Managing director of the largest company Michael Novogratz. He is its founder and CEO now. The company specializes in various activities that may be related to cryptocurrency. These include: trading, mining, asset management, direct investment in enterprises working with cryptocurrency (both in the late and early stages). Without connections and a lot of capital, it will be quite difficult to get access to such enterprises. So such shares can be considered a fairly good way to gain access to this type of investment.
  • Coinbase Global Inc. Another huge cryptocurrency exchange. She went public on the Nasdaq in April 2021. On it, you can both buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The exchange owns several cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. It actively invests in its technologies. She also has her own crypto wallet; is able to create its own NFT platforms.
  • Tesla. You must have heard of Tesla. Even though the company decided to invest some of its capital in bitcoin as a treasury strategy to help hedge against inflation, it is still similar to what Microstrategy did. True, the company invested a small part of its capital.
  • Paypal and Block (formerly known as Square). They allowed users to store cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet, as well as buy them there on their platform. The company is currently making big plans to expand and conquer the market, they are actively working on improvement and user-friendliness.
  • Hut 8 Mining Corp. A mining company that is one of the leaders in its industry. Particular attention and emphasis here goes to bitcoin mining. The company invests in large-scale mining operations. And the most important thing for investors, in this case, is that the company works on mutually beneficial terms, that is, instead of selling the bitcoins that they mine themselves, they are trying to maximize the return of shareholders. This is done through lending and growing crops, which leads to a joint profit.

As you can see, there are some differences between them, even if they are minor. But sometimes it’s those little details that make the difference in the end result. Therefore, we advise you to approach the choice responsibly and pay attention to even small differences.

NFT and how to get royalties from it:

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that exist on the blockchain. They are original and unique on the entire Internet. They cannot be exchanged, and all information about him and his buyer is securely stored on the blockchain. In the form of NFT mohair to sell anything. It can be: text, images, 3D could and other digital unique products. Especially NFT is popular with collectors, gamers and various artists. This is all because on this platform you can find really valuable and unusual things for creative people. Iskusov in all its manifestations.

There are two main ways to receive royalties from NFTs: direct ownership of NFTs. That is, you can demand a reward or just make a profit because you own something. There is also a hosting option, and an option to create your own collection of NFTs. In this case, you may be rewarded through a sales commission.

A good example is a man named Gary Vaynerchuk. He created a collection of NFTs called VeeFriends and made quite a bit of money from it. There are over 10,000 tokens in circulation, and whenever one of them is sold, VeeFriends will pay a 10% royalty to its owner. He promised to donate 1% of them to charity. And he does good things and earns honest money.

Creating your own NFT is not so easy. You will need not only special programs (in the case of drawing a picture, for example), but also a creative approach, interesting ideas. You need to know how to hook a person. Do something unusual, modern and something that can definitely please someone and be remembered for its appearance.

For those who are just getting started in interacting with cryptocurrencies, NFTs will probably be one of the easiest options. In addition, he is now at the peak of popularity. News that a celebrity has acquired NFTs is all over the internet. Such publications are especially popular on Instagram and Twitter. This means that millions of social network users can narrow down about your work.

But this does not mean that you should forget about the risks. We would like to remind you that, as in the process of using other social networks and Internet resources, it is worth taking care of the security that has been called. Keep your data in a safe place, use strong, complex passwords. Do not use repeated passwords from various social networks, especially from wallets. Keep these passwords also in a written form not on the device. Give your data to anyone, do not leave it in a conspicuous place at home either.


What does it mean? Compare this to the stock market, where you can benefit from investing in stocks. Those who buy shares at a certain moment, a temporary worker at one price, can sell them at the right time, for a different price. Usually they use this option if they want to invest in a short period of time and earn more than they invested. This is called the stock market – that is, everyone who earns on this buys and sells shares at a specific time for themselves.

Such a cryptocurrency fee is arranged in much the same way, but is considered more profitable than the stock market. It’s more reliable and secure.

People are also interested in:

  • Is it possible to earn money by playing games and not be bored? And the answer is: of course, there are games, investing in which you can get a good income. They come with or without initial investment. Completely different themes – for every taste. If we talk about other “non-boring options” – streaming on the Internet. The use of cryptocurrency is also available there, which means you can earn money. You can conduct live broadcasts on suitable Internet sites, and receive money on streams.
  • As with anything, there are a few things to learn here. But if you like to chat with people and share something with them, then this option is definitely for you.
  • How has investing in cryptocurrencies earned such popularity? Answer: the opportunity to work at a convenient time and earn with the help of your own knowledge, without physical exertion. You can provide yourself and loved ones with a fairly good financial airbag. You can also work anywhere in the world, just by connecting to the Internet.
  • Is it too late to invest in cryptocurrencies? Answer: in fact, the market is still developing. There are new companies that are quite competitive with each other, which means people invest in them. It’s not too late. Now cryptocurrencies continue to develop in many areas, so eschewed is still relevant. Given that the development of cryptocurrency is facilitated by the use of artificial intelligence in some processes, it is worth noting that perhaps in the near future we will have something newer and more modern.
  • Business and cryptocurrencies. How to protect your wallet? Answer: more protection. Use two-factor authentication, secure passwords. We talked about some security tips earlier. We also advise you – analyze the e-mails that are sent to you. Do not pay attention to them if they contain suspicious links and offers that are too profitable for you or your company. Those letters that fall into the spam folder – delete immediately. So you will save yourself from withdrawing funds from your cards and from unwanted losses.


There are a sufficient number of different cryptocurrencies that will allow you to place bets, as well as make various purchases and more. But we want to remind you that before choosing, you need to at least compare some of the options, analyze them and choose the most profitable one.

We hope our tips above will help you and you will use them wisely. We also want to wish you good luck and note that thanks to your efforts and desire, you will definitely succeed. Good luck!

Lewis R. Anderton is a specialist in applying mathematical and statistical methods to financial management and risk management issues. His job is to ensure that you always make a profit.