Duck Creek Technologies to Acquire Swiss Payment Platform

Duck Creek Technologies has announced an agreement to acquire Imburse Payments, a modern payment platform in Switzerland.


Duck Creek Technologies has announced an agreement to acquire Imburse Payments, a Swiss state-of-the-art payment platform. Source:

The Imburse payment solution is intended for the insurance industry. The payment platform simplifies end-to-end insurance operations. This solution provides insurers with quick access to the entire ecosystem. Convenient integration into the financial infrastructure is also provided. Another advantage for insurers is the ability to manage multiple partners in order to quickly collect and disburse funds. The main principle of the payment platform is to ensure maximum comfort for customers.

As part of Duck Creek, Imburse will continue to serve current customers. Work will also be launched to attract new consumers of services in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and North America.

Imburse will function in two ways. Users will be able to use a separate platform and will have access to the payment solution as a tool from the Duck Creek set of technological solutions. The second option will allow telecom operators to accelerate digital transformation.

Oliver Verneyer, CEO of Imburse, said that participation in Duck Creek will accelerate the mission to simplify the access of companies around the world to the global payment ecosystem. He also noted that integration into the partner’s set of technological solutions will allow innovations to be introduced into the insurance industry. Oliver Verneyer believes that his specialists will be able to make the insurance industry the industry of the future.

The parties to the agreement intend to close the deal in the second fiscal quarter of 2023. The exact date isn’t reported. There is no information about the transaction value.

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