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How to detect counterfeit euros: checklist with photos

Don’t get caught out by fake euro banknotes this Christmas


Atom Bank to rebrand its Digital Mortgages

Digital Mortgages by Atom bank announces 2019 rebrand

Blockchain & Crypto

Crypto users got another option of moving cryptocurrency to cash

Instant PayPal withdrawals now available for all Coinbase customers in the US


UK pubs and restaurants expect millions in Christmas spending

Pubs and restaurants set for £6.5 million in Christmas Day spending

Blockchain & Crypto

Coinbase users can follow their favorite assets

The crypto industry moves fast, and it can be hard to filter the signal from the noise every day


Starbucks launched its new virtual store

Customers can now choose to have their coffee delivered via Alibaba’s apps


Revolut got a banking license

Revolut will start by testing the new license in Lithuania next year


8 gripping facts about Amazon

This colossal marketplace was only a bookstore/website when it first launched back in 1995


Throwback Thursday: the history of paper money

People didn’t want to use paper money a long time ago, but today there are a lot of people who don’t want to have to use digital money and trust good old-fashioned banknotes more than a plastic card


Deutsche Bank supports Apple Pay in Germany

All Deutsche Bank customers can use Apple Pay with “Deutsche Bank Card Virtual” or add their existing credit and debit cards


Barclays will give customers greater control over their money

Barclays has launched a new feature for customers within its mobile banking app giving them the ability to ‘turn off’ spending with certain types of retailers


Google’s new marketplace to compete with Amazon in France

The official launch of Google Shopping Actions in France will take place in early 2019


Cashless payments in Copenhagen: traveling without cash

Denmark is one of those countries, where you can go without any cash


N26 brings Apple Pay to its German customers

N26 has already successfully launched Apple Pay in five European markets


UnionPay cards to be issued in Ukraine for the first time

UnionPay International cooperates with National Bank of Ukraine to issue the first local UnionPay card


The list of people shaping retail’s future 2019 – NRF

The laureates list includes a broad range of dynamic people who impact retail

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