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Chinese customers can order medicines online with 24/7 delivery

Alibaba offers 24/7 drugs delivery to its customers in 3 cities


Amazon offers free shipping to all US customers

Amazon expands free shipping to everyone for the holiday season


Popular mobile-only bank launched a new feature for savings

Monzo upgraded its Savings Pots


Throwback Thursday: success story of Amazon – infographic

Check out our infographic showing the evolution of Amazon


Another challenger bank became a unicorn

The mobile-only bank is also going to crowdfund again

Science & Technology

Retail use AI at a much slower pace than other industries – research

UK retailers lag in implementing artificial intelligence


eBay shared its financial results

The Marketplace platforms delivered $2.1 billion of revenue


Irish government has opened the e-commerce fund

Enterprise Ireland starts e-commerce fund for Irish retailers


Swiss online retailers will offer big discounts on Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day is a commercial holiday that’s especially popular among young people in China


Coinbase raised another round of financing

Coinbase raises Series E round of financing to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies

Society & Lifestyle

How to use a credit card in a smart way

We are ready to share with you the essential tips on how to use a credit card in a smart way

Science & Technology

UK consumers excited by the new biometric payment cards

Data protection and reliability will be crucial factors for mass adoption


Another European discounter allows ordering groceries online

Aldi launches two-hour delivery in London


Amazon sales significantly increased in the third quarter announced third-quarter sales up 29% to $56.6 billion

Science & Technology

Americans will spend more than last year during winter holidays

Consumers will spend in three main categories during the holidays


UK shoppers increasingly pick foreign online stores

15% of UK shoppers buy cross-border every week

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