Akurateco introduced two brand new products

Akurateco’s new products are expected to simplify the lives of merchants and payment providers


Akurateco introduced two brand new products. Source: shutterstock.com

A Netherlands-based payment provider Akurateco has introduced its two products – a white-label software and a new SaaS payment platform, Akurateco Cashier.

Akurateco’s own white-label software includes features like smart routing and cascading. This way, the software allows to reduce the number of declined transactions and increase the transaction approval ratio.

Besides, Akurateco Cashier has over 70 connectors to various banks and payment methods. That is making payment flow and transactional analytics smooth, uninterrupted, and simple.

The platform solves the problem of limited control over transactional data for merchants with multiple payment providers.

As to major features, Akurateco Cashier has a payment calendar, incoming payments management, reconciliation, advanced one-page analytics, and own fraud and prevention system.

Both products are launched under the supervision of Akurateco CEO Vladimir Kuiantsev.