Popular Dutch white-label provider launched a new service

Now, compliance with payment security standards is easy for merchants regardless of their business niche

Merchant ZeroRisk

Popular Dutch white-label provider launched a new service. Source: shutterstock.com

Akurateco has announced the launch of a new service – Merchant ZeroRisk.

That would help merchants obtain a PCI DSS certificate via Akurateco and keep it up to date with minimum involvement of the business owner.

Merchant ZeroRisk is powered by the third-party technology vendors and comes with a user-friendly interface.

This service is a go-to solution for business owners looking for ways to minimize money loss and payment fraud risks.

Besides, it offers automatic identification of proper SAQ type, and cost-effective security and PCI DSS compliance services.

ZeroRisk Merchant is integrated with ASV vulnerability scanning, online security, and PCI awareness training.

We’ve reported that Akurateco has introduced its two products – a white-label software and a new SaaS payment platform, Akurateco Cashier.


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