Tinkoff’s subsidiary launches fintech service in Germany

The rollout in other European countries is planned for the near future

Vivid Money

Tinkoff’s subsidiary launches fintech service in Germany. Source: solarisbank.pr.com

Vivid Money has announced its launch together with solarisBank and Visa in Germany.

The Berlin-based company wants individuals to make more of their funds by combining the all-in-one mobile-first approach with a full-service package.

This way, users can open an account for free and manage their finances via their smartphone. Besides, they get a free anonymized metal Visa debit card that can be used even after the trial membership expires.

Along with that, Vivid Money provides cashback programs, sub-accounts in foreign currencies, and, in the near future, investment products.

We are living in a time when people are receiving no or even negative interest rates for their deposits and high transactional costs. Even today, they are still suffering from poor service in banking and investing. With Vivid Money, we want to change this. We enable our customers to organize their financial life easily, securely, and in all its different facets – from spending to investing – all in one app and individually tailored to their needs. We want to educate our customers on how to grow their money, providing them with the right tools to save automatically. With Vivid Money, they have numerous options to grow their wealth without having to open a separate account or deposit account with different providers for each service. This way, they can easily start with stock trading and start to take control over their financial lives
Artem Yamanov, co-founder of Vivid Money

We’ve reported that Visa has announced a partnership with Malaysia-based fintech KiplePay. This way, the e-wallet will improve its offerings including cash withdrawals and issuing Visa prepaid cards.