Benefits of online payment methods vs traditional payments at casinos

Ryan Smith



Online payments at famous casinos around the world have recently appeared in the gambling scene and have already become the preferred options. With the emergence of digital payments, traditional methods are put in the second plan. It means that most of the people from the gambling community prefer fast payments over classic types, which further facilitates the entire experience at the site. In the following review, we will take a look at both traditional and modern online payment options at online casinos and compare their features.

online payment methods

Benefits of online payment methods vs traditional payments at casinos. Source:

Traditional payments

Looking back at the beginning of online casino operations, players had the possibility to choose from three options – Bank Wire, eCheck, or Western Union.

Bank payment used to be one of the most popular methods at online casinos. With bank transfers, you can send money from one company to another. The option is more than secure and players choose it for a high level of trustworthiness. However, if you select bank transfer, you will have additional fees which is something that can be avoided with modern payment methods. Moreover, these transactions can take up to seven days.

Players who prefer traditional methods can also opt for e-checks that resemble paper checks with slight differences. There is also a Western Union that requires you to visit the center and complete certain forms. It could be hassle-free compared to online payments.

What’s common for all these methods is long waiting time, which means that players should wait for days or weeks for their funds. With new payment methods, this is drastically improved. The good point of all three options is extreme security.

Benefits of online payments in online casinos

After quitting with traditional methods, players switched to credit card payments. As a result, we can see the most usual payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Visa is one of the most preferred payment options for online customers around the globe. It remains one of the largest networks in online casinos, so you will not have any problem with accepting your deposit. It can be used both for deposits and withdrawals.

Going forward, there is also Mastercard which has as many customers as Visa. The method is another accepted option at worldwide casinos so you will enjoy your deposits at the favorite sites. American Express is the third option for card lovers but it can be found in a limited number of gambling platforms.

Speaking about security all three methods are equally safe for any kind of transaction and faster than traditional options.

Online casino methods for fast withdrawals and deposits

Online casino methods for fast withdrawals and deposits. Source:

Ewallet payments are inventions of modern time. Now you can enjoy same-day withdrawal at online casinos without having to wait for the money. Some of the most common options are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz.

PayPal is one of the very first e-wallet payments at online casinos. It is popular among USA customers but players from all around the globe use the method for various transactions including business and entertainment purposes. Both deposits and withdrawals are instant, which makes the gambling experience more enjoyable.

Going on, Skrill is another e-wallet provider to and from online casinos. The company has been in operation since 2001 as the main competitor to another successful provider, Neteller. It comes from the UK and it is strongly recommended for casino transactions. Fees are subject to changes but payments are instant.

Neteller is a similarly popular option with all available perks and benefits as previous methods. Most casino providers accept the method and the level of safety is also high. You can also process payments in different currencies which is another advantage of the option.

As you can see, all of these e-wallet methods have obvious benefits with record-breaking process time both for deposits and withdrawals. It makes them more than recommended over traditional payments so players logically switch to them.