African e-commerce leader acquires OLX regional business

Jiji to welcome OLX users in Africa

African e-commerce leader acquires OLX regional business. Source:

Jiji and OLX announced that both companies have reached an agreement under which Jiji will acquire OLX businesses in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, pending certain regulatory approvals, and OLX users in Nigeria will be redirected to Jiji. The transaction is backed by one of Jiji’s cornerstone investors, Digital Spring Ventures.

Joining Jiji’s family will allow OLX users in these countries to benefit from Jiji’s market-leading products and services. OLX’s reach, combined with Jiji’s own proprietary search and delivery algorithms, ‘will give users a radically streamlined experience and make the buying and selling process more convenient’.

Following closing of the transaction (which is expected to occur once certain regulatory approvals have been obtained), all users of the sell-and-buy classifieds websites of OLX Nigeria, OLX Ghana, OLX Kenya, OLX Tanzania, and OLX Uganda will be redirected to Jiji. The Jiji team promises to make the transfer seamless and to provide a high-quality user experience across all geographies.

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