Popular B2B platform launched dropshipping connector on Amazon

Its B2B customers will be able to sell on Amazon.nl without the need to invest in the stock

Amazon dropshipping

Popular B2B platform launched dropshipping connector on Amazon. Source: pexels.com

According to Ecommerce News, BigBuy has launched its new connector, which enables selling on Amazon.nl.

Retailers who want to start dropshipping on Amazon just need to select the products they want to sell from the BigBuy catalog and start generating sales without needing to invest in a stock.

The company’s multi-channel integration platform allows sellers to automatically configure and manage their e-commerce, marketplaces, and other digital channels.

It has now connected Amazon.nl to its platforms, which already features connectors for eBay, AliExpress, Rakuten, and many more popular online marketplaces.

We’ve reported that Amazon managed to double its reach in the Netherlands, compared to last year. In November, the US e-commerce giant reached 7.3 million Dutch consumers. This amounts to 45% of all online users in the Netherlands.