Russia and China collaborate to launch logistics service

Russia is the second-largest outgoing route for China Post

China & Russia Post

Russia and China collaborate to launch logistics service. Source:

Russia and China entered into the agreement on the joint development of the cPacket logistics service, Ecommerce News says. This way, China Post and Russia Post aim to control the flow of small traceable packages to be exchanged between these two countries.

With this joint development, both countries will further develop cross-border e-commerce. The cPacket flow will reach Russia via the main logistics channel organized by RP Logistics, which is a subsidiary of the Russian Post in China.

Both postal operators aim to create the best conditions for fast delivery to Russian buyers and visitors of major online stores, as well as maximum convenience for each online customer. A new aviation logistics scheme and selected routes should ensure the quality of the logistics process.

For several years, we have been successfully working with China, and this area generates the largest volumes of shipments for us. Cooperation with China Post as part of the cPacket service will allow us to more effectively arrange the delivery of cross-border orders to the end customer, while reducing the cost of services due to the ever-growing volumes
Russian Post 

Both countries have agreed to strengthen the construction of land transport channels between them, improving the quality of information exchange and services.


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