Two biggest European e-commerce associations to join forces

Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA join forces

Two biggest European e-commerce associations to join forces. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, the two biggest European e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA, will join forces. The merger will become fully effective as of 1 January next year, with the two associations continuing under the name ‘Ecommerce Europe’.

The idea to merges came from EMOTA, its president Frederik Palm revealed. He emphasizes it’s not only an important step to strengthen e-commerce in Europe, but also a clear commitment to Europe.

By exchanging our experiences, ideas and knowledge between Member States we can bundle our expertise. Only together, we can have a real impact and ensure that our ideas and initiatives are heard in Brussels
Frederik Palm, EMOTA president 

With the merger, the two e-commerce associations want to ensure that e-commerce in Europe continues to flourish.

We are extremely proud to announce that Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA are joining forces to become the sole ecommerce association at EU level. This is great news for our industry, which can now count on a stronger voice in Europe
François Momboisse, President of Ecommerce Europe

The fusion becomes effective on the first day of next year, and then former EMOTA members will receive the same membership rights as current Ecommerce Europe members. The unified association will have over 25 national e-commerce association members, who together represent over 100,000 e-commerce websites across Europe.

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