Google updates several of its services, adding new features

The company provided users with more freedom to control, manage, and delete their location history data

Google updates

Google updates several of its services, adding new features. Source:

Google announced two updates both for the IOS and Android users. Google Maps Incognito mode has been rolled out for iOS, whereas bulk delete in Timeline will be available on Android in January 2020.

The IOS incognito mode works the same way it does on Android. Google Account won’t save the places users navigate within Maps while being in Incognito mode. Along with that, the incognito mode will not update a user’s location history, thus it won’t save the data to the Timeline.

Timeline is a tool, helping users to remember places and routes they have visited by using their location history and sharing it with friends. The new bulk delete update aims to quickly find and delete multiple places from the Timeline and location history all at once.


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