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10 countries which are most prepared for autonomous transportation

KPMG released Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index, ranking countries on preparedness for the AV revolution

10 countries which are most prepared for autonomous transportation. Source:

KPMG announced the findings of its 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (AVRI). The Netherlands topped the ranking, followed by Singapore, Norway, the United States, and Sweden.

The results of the 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index tell us that countries are making rapid progress toward a future with autonomous vehicles. They show that governments are focused on encouraging the modernization of transport, and ensuring that innovation in driverless cars and trucks delivers real benefits to their communities
Richard Threlfall, Global Head of Infrastructure, KPMG International

According to the AVRI, the 10 countries most prepared for the future of autonomous transportation of those indexed are:

Highlights from the top-ranked countries include:

  • The Netherlands, ranked number one for a second year, is working with neighbors to adopt AV technology for freight, with a plan to launch platoons of more than 100 driverless trucks on major routes from Amsterdam to Antwerp and Rotterdam to the Ruhr valley.
  • With a leading university, second-ranked Singapore has created a test town for driverless vehicles complete with traffic lights, bus stops, skyscrapers and a rain machine to recreate its extremely wet, tropical weather.

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