10 most active VCs investing in Fintech

The top deals have brought almost 1 billion Euros to the sector

10 most active VCs investing in Fintech. Source:

Fintech is a perspective business sphere that develops dynamically. Therefore, Europe is currently experiencing a boom of high-profile venture capital (VC) investments. The top deals have brought almost 1 billion Euros to the sector, giving a promising future to fintech start-ups.

Here is the list of the ten most active VC investors (excluding accelerator and incubator rounds) in the European fintech sphere, according to PitchBook data collected since 2014.

36 deals

This Austrian fund supports start-ups which exhibit a world-class talent, but have no resources to develop their ideas into a competitive business. The investors manage total assets of EUR 200 million. They partner with the largest VC fund in the US – NEA. Not only do they help financially, but also provide valuable entrepreneurial expertise to business beginners.

Their most prominent deals include: Cashpresso (a flexible credit line app that offers up to 60 days interest free while buying at their partner shops); FinCompare (a market network that helps businesses to find, compare and close the best financing solutions from over 200 banks and lenders); WeFox (a digital insurance marketplace).

35 deals

This international fund is based in London and San Francisco. It helps creative and innovative small businesses aiming to transform the world with the help of technologies. Index Ventures unites 160 companies from 24 countries. It partners with numerous sectors such as fintech, entertainment, infrastructure, business services, software, travel & leisure, as well as marketing & communications.

Their notable deals are: BitPay (a bitcoin mobile wallet), Revolut (a banking app & payment card that is a digital alternative to traditional bank products); iZettle (offers a range of financial products such as payments, POS, mobile apps, chip-card readers)

27 deals

This company established in Stockholm invests in the Nordic and UK markets empowering entrepreneurs in banking and financial services.

Main deals: CashMarket (a cashback service); Pensionskraft (an online retirement financial planning website); Leasify (free car leasing app).

25 deals

This is a partnership of entrepreneurs and managers helping founders and early-stage teams grow their businesses in the digital media/technology sphere. It has supported 69 early-stage tech start-ups, backing over 100 founders and their 1000 team members.

That is the VC behind such famous projects as: Monzo (UK-based mobile-only bank); Coinfloor (bitcoin-trading platform); Fundstack (CRM for pipeline and relationship management).

25 deals

British private VC advisory firm that specializes in early-stage direct and secondary direct investments. It focuses on the sectors of retail banking and consumer finance, business and corporate banking, wealth and asset management, fintech, international payments, data markets, capital markets and trading, insurance and risk management, technology, and infrastructure.

Their deals: eToro (an award-winning online investment platform); Qover (insurance products available via open APIs); Bento (Asia’s leading B2B Robo-Advisor and Digital Wealth technology provider.).

23 deals

German VC company that supports Internet businesses. It has more than € 1 billion under its management, received from a vast network of international investors. The firm has a rich portfolio of supported enterprises and projects.

Some of them are: Spotcap (global online lending space); Scalable Capital (German digital investment service); Upwest (customization of blockchain wallets for various applications).

23 deals

London-based VC investment firm that concentrates on technology development. It also currently promotes cooperation with the Silicon Valley talents that wish to start or expand their business in Europe.

Their noteworthy investments are: GoCardless (a payment company that collects direct debits for numerous businesses); Luno (a company that facilitates buying, selling, and managing cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum); Zopa (British P2P lending company working under a full UK banking license).

20 deals

One of the most active VC investors in the world that finances at least 2 new start-ups every week.

It has already provided financial opportunities to such start-ups as: Ledger (one of the best-certified crypto asset hardware wallets); Assurup (an insurance consultancy and brokerage firm); BlueVine (a private company offering business credits).

20 deals

This American VC firm supports founders from the very first days of their entrepreneurship journey. It is interested in technology, media, infrastructure, security and customer care services, digital media, mobile, networking, and software.

Accel invests in: Braintree (integrated online payments system); Coverfox (insurance policies manager); Check24 (the service that helps save money by comparison of the most advantageous offers in insurance, travel, car rent, credit rates, and internet fees).

18 deals

This German VC firm is one of the so-called institutional angel investors supporting promising start-ups registered on the AngelList. Its primary focus is SaaS, online marketplaces, AI, and cryptocurrencies. The fund aims for long-term cooperation, so it doesn’t limit its activities to early-stage investments. It also invests on a global scale having 16 different countries on their list so far.

Investments include: Finiata (quick online financing for SME’s); Bitbond (global lending platform for the purposes of small businesses); Mambu (an innovative banking solution based on cloud data sharing that provides lending and deposits services).

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