10 must-read cryptocurrency books

We’ve prepared for you a list of the best cryptocurrency books to read in your spare time

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Over the past few years, there has been much hype around cryptocurrencies. Still, a lot of people are unfamiliar with this phenomenon in the financial system. Moreover, most of these people are eager to figure out what crypto is and how it works. Where can people really find reliable and relevant information about crypto assets? Mostly they find related information in blog posts, vlogs, social network posts etc. Unfortunately, very often these posts are created by people who barely understand what they are talking about.

So, what is the best way to find the relevant crypto info? We’re pretty sure that cryptocurrency books and films are the best alternatives to poorly made amateur posts. Today, on the threshold of a New Year, we are going to talk about books. We’ve prepared for you a list of the best cryptocurrency books to read in your spare time. You can find very relevant and well-structured information about cryptocurrency, blockchain and all related aspects in each of them.

The Internet of Money – Andreas Antonopoulos


It would be difficult to find a better book if you have just started your journey in the сrурtо world. This book doesn’t tell you “how to invest/buy/sell” etc. In contrast, it will tell you “what it is”, “how it can affect the future”, and “the reasons to care”. If you like this book you can check out Antonopoulos’ YouTube channel, where he describes different complicated related things in simple terms.

Cryptoassets – Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar


This book suits those who already have some knowledge of сrурtо. It is a fundamental course in the сrурtо market, its volatility, and possible ways to invest assets. If you are not a newbie to the investment field and have some experience in fund management, then this book is a must-have.

The Crypto Intro – Nathan Rose


We can call this book a guide to cryptocurrency from A to Z. It takes you from the very beginning, and leads you through the fascinating crypto world, explaining to you how сrурtо works and how it will affect the financial system in the future. This book is good for novices in the сrурtо field because the author is able to explain difficult things without unnecessarily complicated tech terms.

The Age Of Cryptocurrency – Paul Vigna & Michael J. Casey


The authors of this book have raised important issues, such as whether cryptocurrencies can become money, or is that important for digital assets to be backed by something “real”. Vigna and Casey also explain how the Bitcoin protocol works, and offer to consider the entire history of crypto. We all remember the quote of the great George Orwell “Who controls the past controls the future”. It partly explains why some experts are sure that it is essential to look to the future of cryptocurrency through the lens of its history.

The Book of Satoshi – Phil Champagne


What is remarkable about this book is that it is not just a book. It is a collection of the writings of Bitcoin’s founders (or founder, whoever they are, they wish to remain anonymous), who are known as Satoshi Nakamoto. The book includes the initial Bitcoin whitepaper, which is not a unique feature. However, when you match the whitepaper with some author’s thoughts of the events and turning points that triggered the crypto revolution, you begin to understand why Champagne wrote his book precisely that way.

How Money Got Free – Brian Patrick Eha


Many crypto books address essential topics related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but none of them are as detailed as this one. This book explains how the digital currency can become a real means of payment, and how people can use its benefits, such as P2P money transfers at high speed with the privacy of cash.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies – Arvind Narayanan et al.


Narayana is not just a writer, he is also a scientist. To be precise, he is an assistant professor at Princeton University. Thus, he addresses the issue first and foremost as a scientist. It will be very useful to look at some of the key issues from a scientific perspective, even if you are no stranger to the crypto subject.

Blockchain Revolution – Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott


This book is devoted to the fundamental technology behind Bitcoin and other currencies. As you have guessed this book is about blосkсhаіn. The authors have painstakingly tried to show readers that blосkсhаіn is a technology that has implications well beyond the сrурtосurrеnсу field. The team of father and son have considered new business models that can be built on blockchain along with the practical implementation of this technology, which can be useful in multiple areas.

American Kingpin – Nick Bilton


If you have read too many “clever” crypto books, if you have received too much information, complicated terms and charts and you feel like your head is about to explode, then American Kingpin is just what you need. It will tell you incredible, unbelievable stories of the Silk Road, the site where users could freely buy and sell illegal drugs, guns, false documents, etc. All transactions there were carried out through Bitcoin. The main character is Ross Ulbricht, who has been skilfully eluding F.B.I. for a long time.

Bitcoin – The Future of Money? – Dominic Frisby


You may ask what separates this book from all other similar ones? First of all, this book is not just a compilation of theoretical discourses about cryptocurrency and related things, like a story from a distance, but it is the author’s story of his own experience in the crypto field. Moreover, the author is a comedian, which makes his book easy-to-read.

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