12 best online payment services for your business

These online payment services offer you the best ways to accept payments

online payment services

12 best online payment services for your business. Source:

Until a dozen years ago, such definitions as e-commerce or online business were considered to be something new and it was quite normal to go to a bricks-and-mortar store on Saturday morning to buy some stuff you need (almost any product groups, from food and clothes to building supplies and household equipment). Paying with a card wasn’t an issue even ten years ago, since a lot of merchants already had POS terminals.

Today, in 2019, e-commerce has grown into something more than it used to be, something global, enormous. Plenty of shoppers can’t even imagine what a queue is, and why somebody will spend their time waiting in a store if everything can be purchased in one click (sometimes with the same-day delivery option).

Running a business online means you’ll always have issues to resolve. However, accepting payments online is one of the most vital issues. The online payment processor market is older than you think. Nevertheless, still, sometimes demand creates supply, and good old PayPal and a bunch of other old-school platforms are being replaced by new interesting options.

PaySpace Magazine offers you to consider the best online payment services that will help your business thrive.

1. Ikajo International

electronic payment services

Ikajo International is one of the most effective online payment services. Source:

Though not a crowd-pleaser, Ikajo International is one of the most effective payment solutions. This PSP consolidated its position in the payment sector back in 2003 and now operates in 160+ countries. Low fees, starting at 1.2%, cooperation with hard-to place merchants, and a wide range of payment methods are among its main benefits. Ikajo International also offers a free recurring billing that can’t be said about more recognizable PSPs.

2. Zoho Checkout

electronic payment services

Zoho Checkout offers a free trial of its online payment services. Source:

Zoho is known for its Checkout app, which is one of the most used online payment services. It helps customers collect one-off/recurring payments via the payment page that can be easily customized.

Essentially, building your own payment page in just three steps is what the firm aims to provide, and it will take no longer than 3 minutes (that’s what they say). First, you create a payment page and configure basic settings (one-time/recurring pattern, amounts, etc). Second, you customize the design (logo, labels, fonts, etc). Third, you finalize the process and test the system. No coding, straightforward and intuitive interface and the proven and reputable system is everything you must know about Zoho Checkout. You can order a free trial of the system, or choose between inexpensive and convenient plans.

3. Payoneer

online payment platform

Рауоnееr is one of the most popular electronic payment services. Source:

If you ask anybody about online payment systems, the majority of users would say that only a couple of platforms pop up in mind. Well, Рауоnееr is one of those electronic payment services. This system links specialists and entrepreneurs with cross-border/online payments all over the world and operates in no less than 200 states. Reasonable fees and qualified customer support will make your experience seamless, while an interface with provision for language selection (no less than 35 languages) will convince you to choose this very online payment solution.

4. Dwolla

online payment platform

Every single product of Dwolla works with any USA bank. Source:

Talking about online payment solutions, we cannot but mention another decent company called Dwolla. Every single product of this company works with any USA bank. Moreover, bank transfers are the main field of work of Dwolla. The company also has different shopping carts plugins and an extension that facilitates the process of integration with the site.

This company offers all the services in the form of a handy API, which also can handle everything related to ACH. Proven efficiency and a high standard of security are other important features of the Dwolla system.

5. Payza

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Payza speeds up online payment processing. Source:

Рауzа is an online payment platform that is well-known primarily due to its high speed of transactions. Usually, it depends on the type of transaction, but most operations are carried out in no more than 5 minutes.

The functionality and user-friendly interface are a real plus, and it is very easy to get started even if you are not an advanced user. You can access Payza with your mobile device, so it will not be a problem for you to do your business even if you are far from your home or job. Moreover, this electronic payment service is highly secured, so you can be sure that your card details and other sensitive data will not end up in the wrong hands. What’s more, the firm can provide qualified customer support and works with 25 currencies.

6. PaySimple

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PaySimple is definitely worth mentioning in our top 12 online payment services list. Source:

PaySimple is an online payment platform that specializes in payment software for small businesses. The best thing about this system is that there is no need for you to be a programmer or advanced user to cope with this product. PaySimple offers you solutions for payments acceptance, billing clients, monitoring client details, and setting up recurring billing patterns. Furthermore, the system generates invoices, if you choose this option. Therefore, you can easily send them to your clients, and it will not take much time to handle such an issue.

7. Skrill

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Skrill team consists of real experts in online payment processing. Source:

Skrill team members are real professionals when it comes to online payment processing. The firm is often called a reputable online payment system. It offers services for both corporate and individual customers. Basically, you can use it to pay for goods/services you purchased as well as to conduct cross-border payments. So, open a Skrill app on your mobile device, and get started. All you need to do is to create an account (which is absolutely free of charge). You’ll pay a fixed fee/percentage while you send or receive funds. What’s more, it is easy to link Skrill to any bank account around the world.

8. SесuriоnРау

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SecurionPay describes itself as an online payment platform designed to maximize revenue. Source:

Talking about online payment methods that improve conversions and cross-sales, we cannot fail to mention SecurionPay. The company offers to handle transaction issues in the fastest, simplest, and most straightforward way. SecurionPay has also developed a highly customizable API, so any client can set up the system, taking into account their particular requirements. On top of all that, this online payment service also has a “remember me” feature, where all needed banking card details are saved for ensuing transactions (referred to recurring billing), and a one-click payment option.

9. PayU

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PayU is considered to be one of the simplest online payment solutions. Source:

PayU is considered to be one of the simplest online payment solutions worldwide. Initially, it was developed to distinguish itself from complicated cumbersome online payment services. It works with no less than 45 payment methods, while its conversion rates are deemed to be very high. PayU has also found a way to allow second-time users not to enter CVVs again. The system has the highest security standards, so the credit vault data is securely stored, and there will be no need for you or your clients to input it again and again.

10. BitPay

online payment services

Describing online payment methods, we can not fail to mention BitPay. Source:

Regardless of what you think about bitcoins and whether you use them or not, it would be hard to argue with the fact that cryptocurrency is the perfect way to carry out a transaction in terms of security. Thus, BitPay offers a brand-new top-notch online payment method. The firm has developed its own way to send and receive money, and this method is unmatched in the world today. So, sending, receiving, storing, and spending bitcoins will not be an issue for you. You’ll even be able to convert them into dollars. The company also offers you a BitPay Card to facilitate all the operations.

11. PayPro Global

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PayPro Global slightly differs from other online payment systems. Source:

PayPro Global is aimed to help software vendors and developers to distribute and resell their products worldwide. In other words, it can be called a full-scale e-commerce solution. PayPro Global will be in charge of building e-commerce workflows/processes, storing management, pricing, selling, billing, and many more. Whatever your business objective is, PayPro will have the right answers and tools that will help you to achieve this very objective. Moreover, PayPro Global offers its top-notch geo-reporting tool, which will define your scope of activity, while the latest security standards (Fraud Detection and Prevention System) will keep your business away from fraudulent intentions, so you can run your business swift and smooth.

12. Authorize.Net

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Electronic payment services provider Authorize.Net offers a set of flexible tools. Source:

Authorize.Net is not just a company, it is a team of online payment processing experts. This payment service can expand your business using a set of reliable and flexible tools. In addition to an extensive list of available payment methods, including checks and mobile payments, Authorize.Net also accepts recurring/subscription-based ones. Moreover, Authorize.Net will provide you with a free security service called Advanced Fraud Detection Suite. A lot of users mentioned that this company’s excellent customer support service operates 24/7.


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