25% of digital tickets purchased in 2023 will be contactless

Contactless ticketing users to reach 468 million by 2023

25% of digital tickets purchased in 2023 will be contactless. Source:

Contactless ticketing users will reach 468 million by 2023, up from an estimated 180 million in 2019, a new study from Juniper Research found. Consequently, 1 in 4 digital tickets purchased in 2023 will be contactless.

Transport ticketing, particularly the metro/bus ticketing arena, will drive the growth of contactless adoption. This is due to successful deployments, such as Transport for London, which accounted for 760 million contactless journeys in the year up to September 2018. The research forecasts that metro/bus ticketing will account for 86% of all contactless ticketing in 2023.

Contactless ticketing will continue to play a limited role in events ticketing, with transactions forecast to reach only 800 million in 2023; representing just 6.5% of digital event ticketing transactions by then.

The research also found that wearable ticketing will continue to be a niche prospect, with wearable ticketing transactions only accounting for less than 5% of total digital ticketing transactions in 2023.

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