3 examples of how COVID-19 drives digital transformation

Despite the coronavirus crisis caused stores’ closures, it also created a crucial field for e-commerce transformation

digital transformation

3 examples of how COVID-19 drives digital transformation: study. Source:

According to CB Insights, the coronavirus outbreak has caused 3 main shifts in the digital transformation of e-commerce.

Firstly, due to the temporary store closures and social distancing measures, customers are turning to online shopping. This way, online retailers are expected to focus on micro-fulfillment centers’ launch to make fulfilling orders more profitable. Besides, autonomous delivery will look more attractive, despite it will still require an investment in order to run in the US.

The study also found that retailers will lean on low-investment online engagement like livestream shopping. In addition to that, the shops are expected to be automated by technologies including AI, robots, and cashier-free checkout.

Secondly, amid the COVID-19’crisis, the consumers’ behavior has also changed. They are focusing on buying the products that have become more necessary for home life, like tech for kids, skincare or grooming stuff.

Since the gyms are closed, consumers are maintaining physical fitness at home thus buying at-home fitness tech.

Thirdly, communication technologies will have an even bigger impact when it comes to reaching consumers. Furthermore, advertising tech will become crucial in e-commerce’s digitalization. As to, connected “products-as-a-service”, they will help brands stay in touch with consumers at home as well.

The research highlighted that virtual one-on-one consultations for categories like beauty will enable shopper engagement that is more personalized than AI-driven quizzes.


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