38% of Brits abandon purchases: reasons revealed

The report reveals the main reasons why UK customers abandon a shopping cart


38% of Brits abandon purchases: reasons revealed. Source:

According to research, 38% of Brits abandon a purchase at least once a week, whereas 21% claim to do so more regularly.

A lack of fast and affordable delivery options is the number one reason behind cart abandonment. 54% of UK consumers revealed they have abandoned their online shopping cart due to delivery issues.

The need to create an account and problems with the functionality of a mobile website came second, cited by 32% and 33% respectively as reasons to drop out.

Besides, 27% of consumers have abandoned a purchase because they couldn’t remember their login details for an existing account.

Along with that 26% admitted they have left a purchase halfway through because they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to prepare their card details.

For 37% of respondents, the ease of using a retailer’s website has the biggest influence over their purchase decisions.

Meanwhile, 75% of Brits would be likely to abandon their shopping cart if they did not trust a website’s security.

Consumer behavior might feel particularly unpredictable right now, but fundamental needs remain the same. Just like Maslow’s theory, this means starting with the basics and working up. Customers won’t feel comfortable if a website feels insecure, whilst a fast, smooth checkout process is likely to encourage loyalty. From flexible payment options and shopper security to relevant content and referral traffic, we’re proud to help retailers improve the shopping experience at every stage of the journey, enabling them to create closer connections with customers
Laurel Wolfe, VP Marketing at Klarna

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