4 ways to kickstart a career in blockchain

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Blockchain is up there with artificial intelligence and virtual reality as some of the most exciting technologies developing in the past decade, so it’s no wonder the industry is growing fast. With all this excitement and growth comes hordes of applicants looking to start a career in blockchain development, marketing or management.

If you’re reading this, you’ve at least considered joining the blockchain massive, and you probably have some questions and concerns about how to get started in this new and unprecedented industry. Thankfully, I have some tips on how to prepare yourself and your resume for a career in blockchain.

Skills Over Education

If you’ve been charmed by the idea of a career in blockchain but are worried you don’t have a specialist education, you might not need to worry. Companies are increasingly uninterested in college degrees and more focussed on your skills and experience when it comes to recruitment.

Gen Z

Companies are focussed on your skills and experience when it comes to recruitment. Source:

Things have been going this way for some time now; back in 2013, only 27% of graduates were working in jobs related to their majors. Add this to the fact that, with technology moving at the pace it is, higher education is struggling to keep up with relevant training. Thankfully, if you’re looking to work in blockchain, this is to your advantage. Blockchain can be taught, but companies will be far more interested in your experience in other areas, your demonstrable skills and your past performance — that’s the stuff they can’t teach you.

Demonstrate Learning

That being said, you can’t expect to be blockchain ignorant and come across as an eager recruit, so it helps to demonstrate you’ve sought out some knowledge in the area. This is less about qualifications than about showing you’re willing and eager to develop knowledge on the job.

If you’re looking to learn about blockchain, there are hundreds of online resources, paid and for free, where you can learn the basics. After that, it helps if you have a vague idea where your interests lie. Jason Alexander, a tech writer at Oxessays and Boomessays, advises you narrow down your interests. “If the mechanics of the technology excited you, try learning about cryptography, or study some fintech if you want to work with financial blockchain. Clarify what path you’re on and show recruiters that you’ve already started down it.”

Find Your Community

The best and worst thing about wanting to work in blockchain is you’re not alone. Source:

The best and worst thing about wanting to work in blockchain is you’re not alone. News that it’s the second-fastest growing industry in the job market has excited potential applicants the world over. The bad news is the competition for jobs is heating up, but the good news is there are many strong communities of would-be and current blockchain professionals springing up that can help you learn more about the technology, companies and job opportunities.

Whilst by no means a compulsory step, joining groups on social media holds the potential to learn and network that you might not otherwise get. This is especially helpful if you’re coming from a completely unrelated field as these communities can slowly introduce you to key talking points and influential people to learn about and follow.

Sell Yourself

Even if you’ve done all of these steps — you’ve learned complex blockchain solutions, made influential contacts and have your sights narrowed on a particular field — none of it will matter if you don’t know how to sell yourself.

“Starting a new career is not about knowledge, it’s about communication,” says Tina Nina, a career blogger at Essayroo and Australian reviewer. “You could have only the basic level of knowledge on a subject, but if you know how to communicate your value as an employee a company will be much more interested in you than another applicant with a PhD and a bad CV. No matter how technical your chosen career path, learn how to write and speak with confidence and conviction and you will go far.”

Final Thoughts

By its nature as a fast-growing field, blockchain is a diverse field with lots of opportunities. If you’re trying to break in and not having any luck, try not to get disheartened. Instead, focus on the excitement that got you to this point and try, try again!

Molly Crockett is a tech writer for Bigassignments and Stateofwriting. She stays on top of the most recent trends in blockchain development in order to pass on knowledge of this exciting new field to potential converts. She also writes for Eliteassignmenthelp.


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