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5 tips for managing payments for online gaming

Here are five tips to manage your payments for online gaming

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5 tips for managing payments for online gaming. Source:

The world of online gaming – from online casinos to mobile apps and multiplayer games – is constantly evolving. The growth of the industry is a testament to the fans being eager to embrace all aspects offered to them as well as the tech designers who provide new and exciting developments. With so much choice for online gaming, it’s important to manage the money you use for gaming adequately. So, here are five tips to manage your payments for online gaming.

Download money management apps

There is a plethora of apps on the market to help you manage your money. While these apps won’t also help you out with a roulette betting strategy, they could be used to help manage payments. Money Dashboard and You Need a Budget are basic budgeting and money management apps to help you keep track of your spending.

Moneybox focuses on spare change, which can then be put towards a separate online gaming fund. Squirrel holds the money for you and releases it for specific expenses, so it could be a good way of ensuring you keep specified outgoings separate and locked away.

Try an e-wallet to limit spending

gaming payments

An e-wallet could be used to separate gaming funds from your other funds. Source:

If basic money management doesn’t work for you, there are ways to physically keep your money for gaming separate from money for other expenses. An e-wallet, for example, could be used to ensure your online gaming funds are kept separate from your other funds. By sequestering your funds for casino games from other funds, you’ll be able to better track how, when, and where you spend your money for online gaming.

Roulette, for instance, is one of the easier games to manage money for as there is a clear-cut criterion for winning. Those of you who play roulette online anytime will be familiar with traditional roulette, but there are also new variants such as Money Back Roulette, which gives a 50/50 chance to get your stake back if the ball lands on zero. Keeping money for this in a separate e-wallet could help your strategy for making different types of bets.

E-wallets to keep online gaming money separate could even help you ensure you stick to any betting strategies for roulette, such as the Martingale strategy, which suggests doubling your bet after each loss until you reach your spending cap. The basis of this strategy involves spending up until a point, which an e-wallet could enforce.

Try digital banking

Digital banking has evolved to the point where many services – such as Monzo, which is expanding, Revolut, and Starling – allow you to track your spending in an extremely detailed way. Each month they itemize what you’ve spent money on and help you to see where you could become more efficient.

By tracking your online gaming spend, you could see patterns that help you to plan your gaming more effectively. For example, if your gaming slows down just before payday every month, you could plan your sessions better with this knowledge to ensure you have enough bankroll for that always-tricky week before payday.

Try streaming

Money management is important to know where your money goes. Source:

You can also try streaming. Streaming won’t manage your payments per se, but it could balance some of them out, especially if you are able to monetize it. Becoming a Twitch Partner, for example, could help you to monetize your live streams of games. By gaining a following, you could then expect regular income from the ads you place on your channel and in your videos. There are also provisions to send you “bits” to cheer you on in the form of tips.

Money management is important when it comes to maximizing where your money goes for online gaming. Money management apps, digital banking, and e-wallets all provide ways to track funds and ensure you are getting your money’s worth from the games you choose. Other methods, such as streaming, allow you to try to earn some money back for the gaming you do with live streams that others would want to watch.


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