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7 out of 10 companies faced security problems amid pandemic

Tanium surveyed 500 senior-level IT decision-makers in the US and UK across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail

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7 out of 10 companies faced security problems amid pandemic. Source:

7 out of 10 firms have faced security problems due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Tanium. However, only 1/3 of the organizations are considering cybersecurity as a priority in their operations in 2021.

Most companies changed the priorities in their investment. 63% of companies shifted their focus to information and data security, 60% to threat detection, 59% to compliance services, and 50% to device management. Along with that, the majority of IT decision-makers changed their budgeting priorities due to the pandemic.

Also, the companies were super confident in their security systems before the pandemic. 88% were confident in their ability to support remote work securely. However, only 39% successfully managed to shift their workers. Regardless of this, only 33% had cyber improvement among the top three IT goals in 2021.

IT has also become more complex due to new operational and security problems. 77% of the people note that they face IT hindrances while 52% noted that the complexity of these challenges has increased since the onset of the pandemic. The operations teams also face IT challenges. 69% face new IT problems while 56% note that the complexity of the challenges has increased.

The rise of trust issues has led to increased device management and authentication. 38% of businesses increased their investments in a Zero Trust architecture technology. This is despite their plans before the pandemic. 55% increased access management and identity investments while 51% increased secure adaptive access investments.

This comes as the need for management and visibility in new workforces intensifies. There is also a need for a consolidating platform to manage and identify endpoints. 50% will be tailored to device management, 48% in compliance management of services or software, and 48% in software management.

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