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7 ways to check if an online casino is legal and legitimate

There is little doubt about the transformative impact that technology and the digital world have had in business. This has certainly been true in the casino sector, where next-gen online casinos have recently grown massively in popularity.

7 ways to check if an online casino is legal and legitimate


Due to this growth, lots of people around the world are now signing up with internet casino platforms. Before you dive in though, it pays to find out more about any casino you might game at and ensure they are a legitimate brand.

But what are the top seven ways to check if an online casino is legal and fair?

Withdrawal method

This is one very important factor to look at when checking if an online casino is above board. Any decent iGaming site will not only offer a range of ways to withdraw winnings but also a selection of well-known, secure options too. Top examples to keep an eye out for are bank transfer, credit/debit card, e-wallets and crypto.

It is also worth looking at how quickly the online casino you are researching processes withdrawal requests. It is only common sense to think that the best fast withdrawal casinos are also among the most legitimate due to the trust quick payouts create with players.

Check out reviews

Just as running your own clothing store involves keeping customers happy, online casinos are customer-centric operations. This makes online reviews left by customers the best place to start when delving into how honest an internet casino’s operations are.

A simple internet search for the casino in question should provide plenty of customer feedback to sift through. It is also worth looking at online casino review sites for guidance. These handy resources offer the latest independent iGaming platform reviews and are a great help.

Be cautious of free offers

All internet casino sites carry bonus offers for new players and ongoing promotions for existing customers. While this is nothing to worry about, it is worth being cautious when reviewing them.

Ridiculously high wagering requirements for example could signal a casino that is less than eager to let players hang onto any bonus winnings. Offers which seem too good to be true may also signal an iGaming site that is trying to hook people in before scamming them.

Look out for software

Considering the software any casino online uses is not something to ignore and can be a useful way to ascertain their trustworthiness. The easiest way to go about it is by visiting the casino in question or looking at reviews to see which game studios they work with.

Although games from unknown studios are not automatically a red flag, it can be simpler to only play at iGaming sites who carry games from trusted, established names, such as NetEnt, which are known to be fair.

Check out the casino’s license certificate

When it comes to checking the legality of a casino, regulation and certification are key. It is just not worth playing at a site which is not regulated by a well-known industry body. If you do this and something goes wrong, you will have no one to turn to for help!

It makes sense to double check that the internet casino you will game at holds a license to operate from an organization such as the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition, you should also check out that their casino license certificate is valid.

Check out casino rankings

Rankings are useful in many industries to help people quickly see who is at the top of their profession and who is lagging behind. This enables you to select a company that is doing well and that is legitimate.

The same is true when it comes to selecting where to game online. It is worth checking up on the latest casino rankings with an internet search to see which platforms come out on top most of the time. You can then be pretty sure these sites are fair, trustworthy and offer a superb experience.

Check out blacklisted casinos

Another great tip for picking a legit online casino is simply keeping an eye out for blacklisted ones. The internet is again the best place for this, and you can easily find blacklisted sites to avoid with a quick search.

In addition, you could also speak to family and friends who play casino games online, to see if there are any examples they would avoid. By giving blacklisted casinos a pass, you stay away from scam sites and protect your money.

Do your research before signing up with an online casino

The simple truth is that doing some research into any internet-based casino before signing up is a must. To properly go about it though, you need to know what to look for. The above tips are a great place to begin if you need help in this area.

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