9 in 10 Hungarians abandon online shopping cart: here’s why

Hungarian online shoppers are feeling frustrated


9 in 10 Hungarians abandon online shopping cart: here’s why. Source:

Ecommerce News has found that for nearly 58% of online shoppers in Hungary, e-commerce is a frustrating experience. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers have stopped an online order before checkout was completed.

The reasons for abandoning the online shopping basket are most often due to mistrust. For instance, past bad experiences, a seemingly unreliable website, an unknown payment page, or general lack of information.

Although, 10% of failed transactions are caused by timeouts, while another 10% are caused by incorrectly entered data.

And 1 in 5 are specifically uncomfortable with paying. But the interests of the buyer and the merchant are the same: there should be no compromise on payment solutions
Tamás Racskó, Mastercard’s business development manager

The report has revealed that the pandemic has expanded e-commerce in Hungary. In the first six weeks of the lockdown period alone, over 50,000 new Hungarian online shoppers appeared. That brings the number of domestic people shopping online close to 3.5 million.

We’ve reported that the industries with the most bankruptcy filings are retail (32%), oil and gas (30%), foodservice (7%), and travel and tourism (7%).


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