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A Guide on Anonymous Payment Methods in Online Casinos

People purchasing anything online often worry about their personal information getting leaked. This worry is exacerbated when gambling at online casinos. Online casino payment methods have come a long way, fortunately. This allows players to select a preferred banking option to make deposits and withdrawals.

A Guide on Anonymous Payment Methods in Online Casinos

Finding the right payment solution is not difficult. Many ways exist to make anonymous online payments, improving the gambling experience. The gambling experts from Irishcasinorius have tested the anonymous payment methods used by the best online casinos and picked out those which provide the highest level of privacy. Customers in all parts of the world, from Australians to the Irish, can use anonymous payment options listed here to keep personal information secure when paying online.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers 

Among the easiest anonymous payment options is using prepaid cards or vouchers. These come in many forms and can be purchased without hassle. Even some banks offer prepaid debit cards that allow banking with some anonymity. The biggest downside with such vouchers is that you can’t use them to withdraw funds.


The Neosurf prepaid card is perfect for Australian and Irish players. It’s available in a number of retail stores as well as online. Once you pay for it, choose a platform from the list of casinos that accept Neosurf, and use the PIN code to send funds to your wallet or account. No personal data is required when buying the Neosurf card or paying with it, so players can stay completely anonymous.


Paysafecard is another payment system that offers anonymous payments. It works like a gift card that you purchase and then use for payments. This prepaid voucher is available with values ranging from $10 to $100. Each card has a 16-digit code that is used for depositing money into your casino wallet. Most Neosurf online casinos accept Paysafecard too, so you can try both and see which one you prefer.


Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity at Australian and Irish casino sites for paying anonymously. These are virtual currencies with tokens that have a monetary value. Top examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum, with many others being created regularly. Crypto has to be purchased via specific exchanges and, however, exchanges do require your personal data for making an account. So, while they are relatively secure and completely transparent, crypto payments are not 100% anonymous.

Secure and transparent cryptocurrency

Masked or Virtual Credit Card

Using a masked card is ideal for those who wish to pay with an actual bank card but don’t want personal details to be shared. A masking service essentially hides your info when making a payment online. This secures your bank account but lets you pay directly from your credit card. It’s best to use a masked or virtual credit card to make small payments instead of using them for subscription services.


An ewallet is a virtual account that you fund with money through your bank account or a prepaid card. These usually have dedicated apps for use on a mobile device. They’re also some of the quickest ways to make casino payments.


While PayPal isn’t created for this purpose, it’s possible to use it as an anonymous payment method. You should link your PayPal account to a prepaid card, and after sending funds the recipient will only get your registered name and email address. To improve anonymity even further, you could use a throwaway email address to set up your PayPal. At the same time be ready to have the sole PayPal account since the company allows only one per a person and may verify your identity.


Skrill is a highly-rated service for international transfers. Similar to PayPal, it is often used at Irish casinos to deposit funds without sharing personal info. This is done by funding the Skrill wallet with Paysafecash, which enables users to make online payments with cash.

Payment Apps

If having a digital wallet isn’t up your alley, relying on another mobile payment solution is a good idea. A number of apps are utilized for this purpose, making online gambling a stress-free pastime. Just make sure to use Two-Factor Authentication whenever available to secure your apps even more.

Google Pay

Google Pay is widely accepted worldwide. It’s much more than a wallet, storing things like subway passes and enabling ordering food and more. As a payment processor, Google uses a special technology labeled Tokenization. This creates a unique account number whenever you make a transaction, leading to completely anonymous banking.

Apple Pay Cash

For those with iPhones, Apple Cash is the best alternative to Google Pay. This payment service also uses Tokenization for each deposit. It’s also connected to the iPhone’s Messages app, leading to a more streamlined process. The service is accessible in multiple countries, including Australia and Ireland.

Cash App 

Cash App works a lot like Venmo, allowing gamblers to send and receive money without giving away personal information. It’s very user-friendly and is available in a number of countries. Cash App is a flexible way to manage money while staying private. An issue with this service is that its daily maximum limit is $250. Larger payments require confirming your identity.


Online casinos realize how crucial it is for players to feel secure about their personal information. To ensure this, a variety of banking options are offered that don’t require disclosing one’s identity. The methods mentioned in this list are among the top ones available at any online casino. From Neosurf vouchers to e-wallets, the solution you choose should be based on personal needs and preferences. Always utilize additional security measures like 2FA to include more layers of safety in your transactions.

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