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Adyen launches ML tool to identify malicious platform users

Reducing risks is the business top priority


Adyen launches ML tool to identify malicious platform users. Source:

Adyen has launched Score, a machine learning-driven solution, on a single platform, for signaling irregular activity and monitoring platform compliance.

By leveraging data insights analyzing the platform merchant’s data and flagging unusual platform user behavior, Score helps Adyen’s merchants prevent misuse of the platform.

According to the press release, by improving effectiveness and reducing time spent on platform user security reviews, Score increases operational scalability for platforms.

Score is the newest addition to the company’s offering for platforms. GoFundMe, the global online fundraising platform, is one of Adyen’s first merchants to implement Score during the past six months.

Score has helped us to provide the best service we can to help as many people as possible - while also ensuring our customers trust that GoFundMe is keeping them safe and protected. We are constantly adopting the best tools to ensure we have a full and accurate picture of our risk profile, so we were pleased to be the first to try this new Score solution
Matthew Murray, Director of Risk & Compliance at GoFundMe

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