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Akurateco has announced its certification with Elavon

Global payment orchestration platform and white-label payment gateway provider, Akurateco, has recently announced its certification to an international payment provider and a subsidiary of U.S. Bank, Elavon.

Akurateco has announced its certification with Elavon
For more than 30 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing and is now the 4th largest credit card processor in the United States and one of Europe’s top-6 biggest acquirers. As such, Elavon pays close attention to the quality of integrations made with its payment services and requires payment providers to be certified in order to connect to it as an acquirer.

By obtaining Elavon certification, Akurateco confirmed that its integration is correct and meets security standards. As a result of seamless integration, Akurateco clients can now connect to Elavon within minutes and start transacting with no development required from their side.

Akurateco offers a brandable, white-label payment solution allowing users to own the ready-to-use PCI DSS payment gateway with a multi-acquirer setup to connect to payment service providers worldwide and negotiate better deals.

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