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Akurateco has developed 180 connectors on a global scale


European-based white-label payment orchestration platform Akurateco had updated the number of available payment connectors. A total of 30 new connectors have been integrated into the platform over the past three months, and now the customers can access over 180 connectors around the world. Among the most recent integrations are PayPal, PayU Asia Pacific, STC Pay, PPRO Wechat Pay, Help2pay, PayRetailers, Airtel, Citizen, and so on.

Another significant achievement for Akurateco was integration with Cybersource. It is a modern, modular payment platform created by Visa. Akurateco performed integration with it to offer its customers quick access to the acquirers who use Cybersource technology, reducing time-to-market for new clients.

Moreover, a year ago Akurateco also integrated with MPGS, which is a payment provider created by Mastercard. It was proven to be of great value to clients from the Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries, contributing to the company’s expansion into those regions.

When it comes to payments, the variety of payment connectors represents opportunities to extend the geographic reach of e-commerce and accelerate business growth. Akurateco constantly strives to increase the number of connectors available.


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