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Amazon launches new delivery option

Prime members across the US can now get all their week’s orders delivered together on the day of their choice, in fewer boxes


Amazon launches new delivery option. Source:

Amazon launched a new delivery option for Prime members, called Amazon Day. This new option enables Prime members to choose a day of the week to be their delivery day, which makes it easier to get purchases grouped and delivered together and, in many cases, in fewer packages. Members can also choose from Prime’s shipping options for any item they don’t want to include as part of their Amazon Day shipment.

Prime members can now choose to get their orders delivered together in fewer boxes whenever possible on the day that works best for them. We’ve been testing this program with a group of Prime members and Amazon Day has already reduced packaging by tens of thousands of boxes – a number that will only continue to grow now that the program is available to Prime members nationwide
Maria Renz, Vice President, Delivery Experience at Amazon

Once Prime members select a day of the week that works best for them, adding items to their Amazon Day order is easy, with all items ordered that week arriving together on the designated day. Members can choose to use the Amazon Day delivery option any time they’d like and they can change their Amazon Day at checkout to another day of their choice.

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