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Amazon Launches TikTok-like Shopping Feed

Amazon app now offers a new shopping experience with a short-form video and photo feed Inspire

Amazon Inspire

Amazon Launches TikTok-like Shopping Feed. Source: Amazon

Amazon has launched Inspire, a new TikTok-like feed that allows consumers to explore and shop directly from influencers, brands, and other customers.

The feature will roll out to select US customers in early December to expand nationwide in the following months. Inspire content will include short videos and photos, whereas customers can interact with the feed, e.g. “like” the content, add a product to the wish list, read the item description, or make a purchase.

When customers explore the Inspire experience for the first time, they are prompted to choose their shopping interests, such as makeup, skincare, pets, gaming, plants, hiking, interior design, travel, etc. After initial personalisation, the tool will improve the experience, as its algorithms track users’ engagement and likes. In future, the retailer plans to add more features, functionality and content to Inspire.

As for creators, they will be able to monetise customers’ purchases via the Amazon Influencer Program. In addition, brands enrolled in Brand Registry with an active Brand Store can also post to Inspire.


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