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American AI startup to monitor COVID-19 evolution

The company visualizes how the virus propagated, mutated and spread around the world


American AI startup to monitor COVID-19 evolution. Source:

Graphen announced the AI analysis of the evolutionary pathways of COVID-19. According to information, Graphen identifies the virus’ evolution chain, helping companies better identify targets for drug development. Furthermore, it provides public health prediction on the spreading speed or even predicts the harmfulness of specific variants that may cause symptoms.

We are pleased to share that Graphen analyzed the evolution of COVID-19’s virus SARS-CoV-2 with more than 370 strains of viruses from all over the world. Our team worked tirelessly and mapped out the evolution of the virus reported so far. We now have a better understanding of the propagation paths of the epidemic that has broken out around the world since December 2019
Dr. Ching-Yung Lin, Founder and CEO at Graphen

The analysis revealed there are two possible virus spreaders. A virus strain isolated from the confirmed case on January 5 in Wuhan later appeared in Taiwan, Belgium, and Australia. Since then, it evolved into the strain that made most initial cases in Washington state. Along with that, another strain from a confirmed case on January 24 spread to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, causing widespread impacts across Europe.

Besides, Graphen is working with new data to show inductive analyses and cross-media information since the virus propagates. The company is providing researchers with references for clinical treatment, medicine, and vaccine development, according to the study.



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