American Express reached 99% acceptance rate in the US

Nowadays customers use American Express to pay your bills, rent, healthcare costs, and tuition, as well as everyday purchases

American Express acceptance

American Express reached 99% acceptance rate in the US. Source:

American Express announced that 99% of credit-card accepting merchants across the US can now accept American Express.

American Express Cards, whether personal, cobrand, small business or corporate, now have even greater utility because our Card Members can use them with more confidence in more places. Our corporate card clients can also capture even more of their business expenses because of our expanded US network
Anré Williams, Group President, Global Merchant & Network Services, American Express

The company explained its success due to the introduction of OptBlue in 2014 that enabled small businesses to accept American Express through their existing processor.

In addition to that, American Express kept on showing its commitment to small businesses through the Shop Small and Small Business Saturday movement. The total sales revenue was estimated at $19.6 billion for US local businesses in 2019.

American Express also revealed it has a strong strategy that would significantly expand its global coverage over the next few years.


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