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American fintech builds PayPal-based payment solution

PruPay is waiving its normal fees during the pandemic

PayPal and PruPay

American fintech builds PayPal-based payment solution. Source:

PayPal and PruPay team up to launch an easier way for merchants to request one-time payments from consumers via text messages.

The new development provides a control panel that allows employees to enter payment requests, without accessing to merchant banking information.

Along with that, merchants get the ability to customize charges including convenience and delivery fees or other markups.

They can also see which orders have been paid for and which are pending through a simple order management dashboard.

Besides, the merchants get the ability to add delivery or pickup notes to the order.

COVID-19 has instilled a legitimate fear of sharing or touching anything, both person to person and latently on devices such as keypads, so text payments make even more sense today than just weeks ago. We added security for merchants and optional add-on services like delivery fees, tipping, and a "Pay it Forward" option that are not provided on native text-to-pay platforms
Bill Sedgwick, PruPay CEO

As to the consumers, they can easily pay via text all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo (the US only), and PayPal Credit.

What is more, this solution eliminates the necessity to provide credit card numbers or addresses over the phone.

They can also add an optional tip or a “Pay It Forward” amount to any order to support the merchants during the crisis.

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