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Apple to Open Its First Retail Store in India

Apple is currently preparing to open its first retail store in India.

Apple to Open Its First Retail Store in India


The tech giant intends to open a trading establishment in India by the end of April. The products of this company appeared on the Indian market about 20 years ago. During this significant period, the firm managed to become the second-largest Internet market in India. Now it’s time to open the company’s retail store.

The store will operate based on the Jio World Drive shopping Center in Mumbai. The premises of the trading establishment are decorated in a style corresponding to the design of the iconic Kaali Peeli taxi. The creativity of Apple BKC includes colorful interpretations of inscriptions in combination with many of the company’s products and services. This is stated in the statement of the technology giant, which was published on the occasion of the beginning of active preparations for the opening of the first retail store in India.

On the occasion of the imminent launch of the store in India, Apple has created special wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac based on illustrations of a shopping establishment in Mumbai. A special version of the company’s logo was created for the Indian store. The company is also promoting a special playlist in Apple Music in honor of the upcoming event.

The firm also has plans to develop a network of its physical presence in the Indian market. By the end of this year, the company intends to open a second retail store in New Delhi. The decision on the location of the trading establishment is preliminary and has not yet been finalized.

Over the past few months, Apple has been actively hiring employees for stores in India. The company launched its online store for Indian consumers in 2020. Initially, the tech giant planned to open its first retail store in India in 2021. This plan was not implemented due to concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

India is currently the second-largest smartphone market in the world. In 2021, residents purchased 439.42 million device data. China ranks first in smartphone sales. 918.45 million products in this category were sold on the local market in 2021.

In the revenue structure of Apple, the profit generated by sales of products in India occupies a small share, but the technology giant is convinced of the prospects of this market and its future in this region.

Apple’s contract manufacturing partners Foxconn and Wistron have increased the volume of assembly of the company’s iPhone and other gadgets in India. In a report last year, JP Morgan analysts estimated that the technology giant will expand its production facilities at Indian factories so that by 2025 25% of all smartphones of the company will be produced here.

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